The perfect off-grid couple

Bookmakers William Hill have called ‘No More Bets’ and closed their betting on Britain’s Prince William getting engaged to his long term girlfriend Kate Middleton after a recent flood of interest. Off-Grid reported this news nearly three months ago (see the original story at https://www.off-grid.net/index.php?p=644). At the time we revealed exclusively that the couple will be given a massive off-grid mansion as their engagement present by William’s dad, Prince Charles. This is not the only journalistic coup from Off-Grid in recent weeks. Last month we broke the story of George Bush’s off-grid ranch, which has been repeated around the world.

William Hill’s move followed an unofficial briefing to British parliamentarians late last week.
They were already offering odds on at 4/5 that Prince William would pop the question but even at these prohibitive odds punters were looking to place hundreds of pounds. Hill’s are still prepared to take bets on which year the royal wedding will take place and make 2008 their 5/4 favourite and 10/1 that the wedding takes place this year.
“The Royal engagement seems to be a question of when, not if, and we were giving away money by continuing to accept bets. When they do get engaged it will cost us a princely sum”, said William Hill’s spokesman Rupert Adams.

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