6 Responses to “Off Grid Videos”

  1. Gen Agustsson

    Illegalizing off grid is nonsensical.

  2. Eazydoesit

    O have lived off grid before but now im doing it on my own no help and running a bussiness in chickamauga ga

  3. CHAFES Ministries Advocating off grid living.

    It seems around the world they are trying to make living off the grid illegal.

  4. Nefi

    Hello everyone I’m Nephi and I’m every interested in joining an off grid cumunity. I’m somewhat a maker, I think outside the box. I’m heath and fit for heavy work, I would drive and take basic tools and supplies, I would bring a off grid generator called shutterhand generator, I’m thinking to combine that with an HHO system for heat for winter so that would leave more time to gather food or build. I also have many other ideas for gardening, I have basic outdoor skills

  5. Charles

    I have my son one young the other 18 and strong ..I am skilled in many things and well fit, my mother is a retired teacher – great at gardens and cooking Lots of equipment: solar,seeds E350 van, Trailer, lots of medical supplies and books. 1500 earthbags and thousands in preps and regular income without much time involved. sister with mild down syndrome but strong and good worker ,has to work..Oregon is right on the edge but lets talk. thank you . i have property for sale so possible large influx of money. lets talk

  6. Darnell S.

    I have a plan to go to three rivers oregon maybe buy some acres in build a village inside the 4,gridders land for offgridders its also gated away from society . You are welcome to come if you like,I have building techinques with clay in rocks spread the word email me for more info
    Are Community needs
    In many more to Contribute as one.