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Wife, tea and me
Tiny homes are all the rage today, once built, you have to find appliances and furniture to fit those small spaces, and you must utilize every nook and cranny. I see that many people rely on a combination of RV/travel trailer technology and custom built ins.

Now you can find more and more furniture that works in tiny spaces from companies like IKEA, it’s just good business to recognize and fill this need. I love the convertible furniture, pieces that shrink and grow with the current need, some are even designed to vanish from sight when not in use. I also love furniture that is multi-functional, couches/benches that become a table space then back to full seating.

Tonight I found this young couple, Jeff and Veronica (and soon to be Joy-perhaps Joy has already arrived) who feature their tiny home and how they live there on YouTube. Not only do they have a cute little home, they have decent camera skills, both in front of and behind the camera. In this video, they show and describe the furniture and appliances in their home. They began their YouTube vlog just over a year ago and now have over 3000 subscribers.

Watch and enjoy, :)


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  1. Jeff & Veronica

    Thanks for the shout-out ;)