Dylan Evans and a Utopia assistant
Trouble in Paradise

Its some time since we reported on Dr Dylan Evans, who resigned as a lecturer on evolutionary psychology from the University of the West of England in Bristol to become Director of the Utopia Project in Scotland. Dr Evans, 41, wanted to test the theory that by 2040, the warming of the Earth and ensuing climate disasters will mean any survivors will live as Stone Age hunter-gatherers. Could man survive a social breakdown, he wondered

To this end, in April he sold his house in the Cotswolds to set up a commune in the Highlands called Utopia. The first to join him was Adam, pictured here in an Airline blanket he acquired on his way to the UK. Members have to live in a post-global warming environment and find a “new way” of existing. That means sleeping in yurts, growing your own veg and developing a series of ruels and practices that others might follow.


A Daily Express report that within three months of its launch Utopia fell foul of spectacular Big Brother-style rows was rather over-stated, as was their claim that Dr Evans’s case was “married” in a potato shed to a woman called Boe who came to the commune with her children Zen and Rainbow. At the last count, there were only three inhabitants left and Dr Evans has retreated to his mum’s house in Reading to “get his head together”.

The Independent newspaper reports that: Dylan Evans

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  1. Agric

    Rather superficial and slanted update, what?

    True, Dylan is mostly absent and “Mark” left in late April as much loved as loathed having caused some debate but minimal real conflict. It’s now six months on from then and much positive has happened.

    Be seeing you, maybe,

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