Nick Rosen |

The Camper-van revolution is upon us. The RV is shaking off its image of snoring retirees and untethering itself from power supplies or campsites.


Enter the Earth-Roamer XV LT, a gnarly, $155,000 built to order rig that charges off the grid in grand enviro style.

Powered by a 4×4 Diesel pickup that can run on clean burning biofuel, this base-camp hotel suite will bump and grind on mud, gravel, snow or any rough surface on its way to your remote outpost.

It has high efficiency solar panels and a pumping and purifying system that gives you 50 litres of drinkable water wherever you can find a lake or pond or river. Two monster batteries provide power for the 15 inch DVD, fridge freezer,, microwave and power shower.

This is 21st century off-grid living.

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