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Eco-plumbing – we’re on it!

Do you have any questions about off-grid water management? From boreholes to hot showers, rainwater harvesting to greywater treatment, our resident Drain Brain, Cameron McNiece, can help answer your questions. She was one of the first in America to call herself an eco-plumber, and as well as living off-grid herself, she wants to help others make the change.

Cameron, from Washington DC, trained as a plumber in San Diego, and has worked for many eco-communities across the continent, installing everything from composting bathrooms to hydro power. She is planning to set up an eco-plumbing course in Cambridge, Mass, and she is looking for other plumbers in the area who are similarly interested.


Water is truly the essence of life. You could survive without electricity and gas, but you could not survive for long without water. Over the coming years, Cameron will provide Off-Grid regulars with a complete run-down on off-grid water. Let her know what you want, and she’ll do her best to give it to you.

You can contact Cameron at: thedrainbrain@off-grid.net

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  1. stephendv

    Hi, I would like to construct an artificial stream and a hot tub for a green area we have on our property. Since water is very limited I’d like the whole system to be self contained, so that the hot tub empties into a reservoir at the start of the stream and can be filled from the same reservoir. Would I have to filter the water at any point, or does the fact that it is constantly running help to clean it? Since the tub is only used for relaxing, not bathing, I’m assuming that it will be relatively clean when it exits. Any tips?