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The makers of the ubiquitous Swiss Army knife have already branched out into watches, camping gear and even a motorised bike – now Wenger have extended their brand to launch a portable solar charger.

There are three models – the smallest sells for $125+delivery on Amazon, and the heavy duty pro version has three times the life and retails for $275. There are so many cheap and awful portable solar products on the market, most made in China.

So although we have not tested this one, the brand is strong and it is good to know that there is probably a quality product out there. Please let us know if you try it. It would be great if the battery is exchangeable, both so you could charge two in the field and also because the battery life is much shorter than the panel life.

The mid-range version features: weight: 17.5 oz. with battery, 4 photovoltaic solar panels, mounted on flexible water resistant fabric. folded: 11.6-Inch x 6.7-Inch x 1.2-Inch unfolded: 17.7-Inch x 11.6-Inch x .2-Inch
4.5 w power, 5v Micro USB output, 5000 mAh battery included, charging time around 7 hours
charges, smartphone, mp3, gps systems, includes USB cord & 5 adapters that connects many portable devices, LED light compartment for optional LED light # 44005, strap attaching points to secure charger to most anything.
water resistant, rear battery and adapter storage pocket, compact design, foldable, LED light compartment for optional LED light # 44005
approximately charging time of included battery: 7 hours, recharges smartphone in approximately 2 hours. Charging times are made with solar charger positioned perpendicularly to sunrays in full sunlight coverage.

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2 Responses to “Swiss Army charger”

  1. Stu

    I’d like to try this one out, especially on the strength of the brand, as I don’t think they would put out an inferior product.

  2. Brie217

    The link for “portable solar charger” doesn’t work. I’m trying to see this on amazon and I can’t find it.