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Proud - Sanyo's new panel

Electronics company SANYO has finally launched  its most powerful solar cells to date – claiming a 21.1% efficiency with a module output of 235W. Shipping of this new module will commence across Europe from this month.

The much-hyped cells were announced months ago but are only now available to consumers, enhancing performance and value in limited space installations.

But be warned, the modules themselves only claim efficiency of of 18.6% – and it is the modules you will be buying, not the cells on their own.The high efficiency cells also benefit from a new tab design so “ the effective area is enlarged to capture more sunlight and realize an improvement in efficiency.”

The new modules also feature anti-reflection coated glass. This effect is especially noticeable in the morning and evening, when the sun is low.


New N Series

Product name   HIT-N235SE10

Pmax     235W

Vmp      43.0V

Imp        5.48A

Dimensions        1,580 × 798 × 35mm

Weight 15.0kg

Cell efficiency    21.1%

Module efficiency           18.6%

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3 Responses to “Super-efficient solar cells”

  1. Driss Kamily

    you cool ^_^

  2. Thor

    I haven’t seen many other panel makers with a panel efficency well above 18%. Which ones are you referring to? The only other panel maker I know of who is in the same league as Sanyo when it comes to claimed panel efficiency is Sunpower. Their E19 modules have claimed efficiencies above 19% (but slightly inferior specs in other areas).

  3. elnav

    So where did the 2.5% difference go? 18.6% brings the Sanyo back to what many other panels makers claim.