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Creekmore: neat and tidy
Survivalist MD Creekmore used to be a a freelance handyman and part time gunsmith.  Now he’s a full time blogger, so he never has to leave home ‘cept to buy groceries and some more bullets .

Home is a 20 foot travel trailer in the boonies, and one of his recent posts describes his exact setup and what he has to do to stay sane and dry. Its not about survival, he says on his blog, “it is about gaining control over my life.” And that requires a lot of order and neatness. Still, its a spartan way to live overall, and we hope its not too cold in winter. Best of luck to you MD.

As well as his blog, which dwells on the minutiae of survialist living MD is a first degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and certified first-aid CPR instructor, he told us.

A good guy to have on your team

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