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Spring is on its way, we have had some warm days, t-shirt and shorts kind of warm, living in far west Texas, we are pretty spoilt (not spoiled but spoilt). There is a cold front coming through though, a little while ago, just after dark, I could hear PB out by the wood pile giving the chainsaw a short workout.

Living in the high desert, we can have snow in May and have had, a couple of years back we had a blizzard on May 1. I have noticed our oak trees turning colors, our trees don’t lose their leaves in fall, but remain green all winter, they turn color, fall off and grow back in a matter of a few weeks usually just before the rainy season hits. This year it seems to be happening early, that either means our trees are confused, or we are going to have an early wet spring, I am hoping for the latter.

If we have a wet spring, I’ll be able to do some gardening, something I haven’t been able to do much of because of how dry it has been the last 3 years. I have some annual herbs that I keep going, but as far as a real garden, I just haven’t done it and I really miss it.

We have some fun projects going on, the big one having to do with composting our humanure, something that has been an ongoing “thing” for us, I’ll do a writeup on it with pictures and maybe even some videos soon.

Hope your weather has been reasonable for you, it certainly has been for us. I am looking forward to warm weather, not having to bundle up, and all the fun activities that come with the warmer temps. It feels like a time of renewal, of hope, of good things to come.

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