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This winner of a Consumer Electronics Show innovation award for 2012 is a first of its kind — a solar-powered e-reader cover. It’s not cheap but for Kindle devotees who want to be able to read late in the night while they’re on a camping trip or otherwise away from a charger, the SolarKindle promises to deliver three months of reading time under normal sunlight conditions without drawing on the Kindle’s battery.

The solar panel is built into the cover and it has a reserve battery that can be charged through a USB cable or with solar power. The case has a built-in LED reading light that will operate for up to 50 hours without drawing down the main battery on your Kindle. The reserve battery can also boost the Kindle’s main battery, with an hour of direct sunlight converting into the equivalent of three days of reading. The SolarKindle for the Kindle is available now and a new version compatible with the Kindle touch is available for presale now (

SolarKindle, Solarfocus, $80.

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