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“Smart Grid. Dumb Idea” is only the second episode from Off-Grid News. Its about the lobbying campaign by corporations like GE and IBM to persuade the nation to spend $2 TRILLION to boost the existing grid, instead of investing it in locally produced energy.

GE was the company that introduced the national grid in the 1920s and 30s. Now it wants to reshape the grid to its own specification.

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3 Responses to “Smart Grid – Dumb Idea – latest from Off-Grid News”

  1. oncewaslost

    I concur with Rob, just like the new Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel scam, they will expect higher prices to support new infrastructure then they will say that bar has been raised and they are barely making profits. In fact, they are now cashing in and know one realizes it anymore because too much time has gone by and the focus has been shifted once more to another national issue. Our country continues to turn a blind eye while our media distracts those who think they are awake.

  2. Rob Gray

    2 TRILLION, that’s total BS and guess who will be paying for it? So you will lose control and privacy and gain larger bills, sounds good to me :) I live in Oz and don’t know if there are similar plans here, but I’ve been off-grid for about 13 years now so I guess it wouldn’t affect me anyway. Local power is the go, how many micro grids or even individual solar systems could they set up for 2 trillion?

  3. Bernice

    Thank you for the videos. I look forward to continued viewing.