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Our little piece of heaven
Just getting started on my project.  We have twenty acres down on the Salt Fork of the Oklahoma Red River.  The view is worth all the trouble.  To your left is the river front, 300 hundred yards of river sand bar for the kids to play on.  Just to the right is a creek that is about twenty feet deep.  It is easy to catch a mess of fish for supper.  We have two four wheelers to get around on the property and to run up and down the river. Nearest power utilities is about two miles away, you have to drive down an irrigation canal, through a cotton field, then a wheat field, and then another three quarters of a mile after you enter our property.    Needless to say getting utilities to our site is cost prohibitive.

 We first purchased a straight sided carport 20×26.  Due to the location they would not erect it on site, we had to buy it as a package price.  Saved 5% in the process.  After much consideration material for inside and out is sheet metal.  A local builder sold me his scrap rigid insulation 22x64x1.5 inches   400 square feet for 25.00, love it when we get a good deal.  Found five thermo insulated windows 32×60 at a local lumber yard without screens for 50.00 each.  B-class insulated doors with 9 panel glass for 45.00 each.  The floor is built out of pressure treated floor joist and plywood.  Didn’t get a good deal on that part.

 Two types of power will be utilized, solar and propane generator.  I bought the solar panels and controls from harbor freight, 45 watts each at a cost of $150.00, propane generator 375.00, best price I could find.  Local propane dealer delivered the 500 gallon tank for $100.00 plus $50.00 a year lease.  Can’t afford to fill it up right now so will have them deliver about 300 gallons and see how far it goes, $2.47 a gallon right now.

 I am using a sand point well with an above ground pump and pressure tank.  To keep from having to run the generator every time we want water I am building a water tower out of an agriculture  plastic tank.  I will also be using one just like it for my septic tank.

 Propane fridge, and propane dryer.  With the river and a creek that never runs dry keeping grandkids in dry clean clothes is a must.

 Between inverter, Solar Cells, led lights, wood stove, and oil lamps I hope to rarely hear that generator running.

Will be breaking ground this weekend, will have more posting as we move along, also will upload pictures and videos.

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