I am starting a housing co-op near Glasgow, Scotland, with view to going off-grid

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8 Responses to “off-grid co-op?”

  1. caz

    Hi, i am living in glasgow at the moment and would be interested in this. i lived off the grid for 2 and a half years in a transit van i converted into a camper (2009-2011). i’d be interested in a more communal venture as I was on my own in the van, and I think a community is more sustainable in the long run

  2. matt

    hey i live in dumfries and i am very interested in going to an off grid community, im an 18yold hard working male and i would love to hear from you

  3. Jim

    Do you have any details on this, interested in knowing more

  4. Iain

    would like to hear more also!

  5. DAVID

    Live outside Glasgow, would like to hear more, VERY interested. Have organic gardening skills and fabrication skills.

  6. Craig

    Could you send an email with more info. Would love to hear more about your plans !

  7. John Simpson

    Could you perhaps send me more information on this project?

  8. Chrissie

    I’d like to hear more. Thanks.