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When I was a kid, electronics and appliances came ready for the end user to repair when necessary, radios and TVs had vacuum tube that you could replace, warranties weren’t voided as a result of breaking the seal on the case. Now days, most electronics are made to be disposable, or you are forced to send it or take it to a licensed, authorized professional to get something repaired.

Being an independent lady, when I’m told there is something I can’t do, that makes me try even harder. Last summer I got a tablet,the idea was to use less power than my laptop, this was a, it was refurbished and worked well. But lately the battery hadn’t been holding a charge, it got your the point where energy plugged in with a full charge, it would lose power quickly, I could forget about trying to use it off the charger. Since it was refurbished and I’d had it for a while, I decided to change out the battery myself.

They are not supposed to have an end user changeable battery, but a quick search on Amazon let me know I could purchase a new inexpensively, and a quick check on YouTube showed me how to do it. I ordered this battery, I didn’t need the one with a video included so that saved me some money. A few days later I had the package. It came with tools, they were cheap, but they did the job.

I had trouble getting the case cracked open, PB helped get it started, once apart it was just a matter of a few tiny screws and a few ribbon cables to remove the battery, reverse the process to install the new battery and I was in business. I did make one mistake, I didn’t have the battery cable completely seated, it booted up but immediately shut off, I took it apart and checked everything, once I fully seated the battery connection, it worked just fine.

I had a 50% charge, so I fully charged it and after rigorous testing, it works great, I am happy with it. I will be doing this for my smaller soon, I am noticing that battery is holding less of a charge. What about you? Have you replaced something that you weren’t supposed to be able to do?

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