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Curry - approves of thrift store aesthetic

How to live well on $20,000 a year?  Go off the grid said the Today show at 8.10am.

Its peak time for the Breakfast show, and yesterday they used it to announce what host Anne Curry called “the new American dream, and it’s not about buying a big house…..its about comfortably living on less. And for some, even leaving your things behind to pursue your passion.”

The couple interviewed on the slot live off  the grid in Maine. “Theirs is a life of living without. No heat, savings, life insurance, trips to the mall or cable TV, though they do have state-provided health insurance. And when things break, Michael fixes them. Jennifer repurposes everything….”

As Jennifer puts it: “It’s far from perfect, but it suits us. And not being tied down to money just allows us to appreciate the very simple things in life, which are each other, the environment around us, and just doing what we love. Money isn’t everything.”

The second half of the Today slot is an interview with Jeff Yeager, a self-professed cheapskate who wrote the”The Cheapskate Next Door.” His main message is that “you must figure out what’s really important in your life and skip the rest. It’s also a way to really understand the relationship between happiness and what’s important.    These people are living debt-free. It’s a simple as this: If you can’t afford to pay for it now, you can’t afford it.

So how do you live debt-free?  By never paying the full price of course.

Mr. YEAGER: Lots of people like Jennifer and Michael are buying things used. We all know that a car depreciates 20 percent when you drive it off a lot. But also clothing. You can buy it at the thrift store, 10 cents on the dollar. I’m wearing entirely thrift store clothing this morning. It’s not Matt Lauer-ish, but it’s fashionable enough.

CURRY: It looks nice, actually. I like these cord–I think Matt would like those cords.”


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