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The prestigious TED lectures invited Mark Boyle, The Moneyless Man, to their Oporto summit last week. His lifestyle practices the teachings of the Gift Economy – the idea that if each of us gave unconditionally – without expecting anything back in return, then the world could function just as it does at the moment, but without banks, mortgages or exploitation.

How Mark would have flown to Oporto in the moneyless society is not explained. I guess he would not have needed to go.

“We could have a moneyless society TODAY. All it takes is for everyone to abandon money and give their services and products for free to each other.

“And without money we wouldn’t need: Banks, Insurance companies, Sales clerks, Tax people….60% of all ‘jobs’ would be gone, and we could finally concentrate on making this planet The Best Planet For Everyone.”

Google The Venus Project. :)

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