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If want to move to get off gird and don’t want a fixer upper then try Listed Green Homes. It is a real estate listing site that includes only green and sustainable homes. On top of that it is uses a solar powered internet hosting platform.

It just came to our notice as we are researching the next insulation article but thought it so wonderful we had to share. Of course looking through the listings was fun too. Though of course we’ll only admit to research not dreaming of living in them. So we encourage you to check them out.

Some wonderful ideas are shown for how to become more green and energy self-sufficient. Also knowing that if you need to move there is a place to sell and hopefully buy a new home that is inline with your wants is great to know. Since they vet all homes that wish to be included you can be assured that the home already has some green/energy resources in practice.

Another thing to consider is that if going off-grid buying a green/energy efficient home means only adding your chosen alternative energy to it. So if you are not the type to love fixing up an old home or have the time a patience to build your dream home then buying one already on its way can be a good choice.

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