03I watched this video just a few days ago, it shows how someone can live off grid without living in a primitive manner, of course this takes money, it’s a tradeoff, it’s possible to go off grid on the cheap, my hubby and I are proof that this possible. But if you do have some money to invest, you can live every bit as “normal” as anyone else who lives on grid.


I had to laugh when the lady doing the interview, Patty Kim from energyNOW! asked “How do you go from the sun, billions of miles away…”

Billions of miles??? I suppose she was absent in class the day they taught about our solar system, or perhaps it’s the “new math”. At any rate, it’s an interesting interview, showing some of the technology used, leaning more toward the household gadgets they use. I would be interested in seeing more about his setup, beyond the solar array outside, how many and what type of batteries does he use? How long do his batteries last? How many times has he changed them out…. things like that. Here is the video, enjoy!


Thanks to markp1950 for bringing this video to my attention.

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