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Jamie Oliver set to go off-grid

Super-chef Jamie Oliver, whose new series about school dinners just launched on UK Channel 4, is preparing live off-grid for a few months. This is said to be his next project, but it is completely under wraps and his office have not confirmed the story. The detailed planning began some time ago. It is just one more example of the way the off-grid life is becoming mainstream.

After years of making TV series teaching other people how to cook, Jamie is now a national hero, as our picture shows. But he is frankly exhausted. So he has decided to take his family to Italy and tour the country in a camper van. He has set no time limit on this adventure.

Jamie gave a taste of where his head is at the moment when he said recently that he has started an organic garden. He is already preparing for the trip. But it will not be like most people who want to take some time out with the family. There will be a TV series, of course, and it is thought a set of recipes are being developed for a new book. We at Off-Grid can’t wait to try them out.

Readers who want to suggest recipes for off-grid cooking can send them to recipes@off-grid.net and we will forward them to Jamie.

Oliver, 29, told a newspaper he will quit public life within three years to spend more time with his wife Jools and daughters Poppy Honey, two, and Daisy Boo, 20 months.

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In the new TV series, Oliver argues with his wife. He later admits on camera: ‘When I work harder I compromise my family life. My wife gave me a b******ing for not bathing the kids at 6pm. I’m a s*** husband. I feel sorry for my kids.’

Later this year the Oliver family are scheduled to relocate to America but that plan is now said to be on hold.

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