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Today I talked to tiny home YouTube sensation Rob Greenfield for his tips on how to go off the grid. Greenfield by name and Greenfield by nature!

Amazingly in his ritzy part of San Diego the neighbours living in $1m homes LOVE the fact he has found a near-free way to join them. Rob advertised around the city and was inundated with offers to set up a shed in backyards all over town.

In between talking about composting his homemade toilet, his rain catcher and life in a tiny home in the back of someone’s yard in San Diego, Rob also gave very valuable tips on how anyone can go off the grid in the City.

Thousands, nay millions, should be doing it..

Vlogger Rob Greenfield is an American adventurer, environmental activist and entrepreneur. He has made it his life’s purpose to inspire others to work for a healthy earth, often with attention-grabbing tactics. He’s a writer, speaker, world traveler,and plain-speaking Homeboy.

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