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Wanderlust Trailer — sucky mockery of  folks living their dream

Wanderlust is a new film starring Jennifer Aniston. It is the latest showbiz product to pour scorn on the off-grid lifestyle.

Feb 19th there was the 500th episode of The Simpsons, which had a laugh about people living on the edge of Springfield in an “off the grid community”.  Then there was Apocalypse Preppers, a TV series about a gang of carefully chosen eccentrics who live off grid for all sorts of crazy reasons of their own.

Now there is Wanderlust – a film in which a couple quit their stressed out city life in order to live in a (non-vegan) nudist commune, where Aniston is taught to “stroke the shaft” of a cow in order to milk it.

All real stupid stuff designed to mock the off-grid lifestyle while rendering it safe and unchallenging. however, this kind of mediocrity can only be of use to theoff-grid movement. We need only one thing to achieve widespread acceptance – and that is widespread publicity

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