New technology and new materials are making pop up tents lighter, stronger and easier to set up. Here’s an overview of the best expedition tents.

Bibler make the Ahwanee 2, a strong tent for use in all climates, mountain or desert. Its low profile sheds wind and snow, the aluminium poles are designed for easy use, even with gloves they claim. A special fabric ensures minimum condensation inside the tent and all seams are sewn with nylon thread for extra strength.
Price $649.

The Bibler Fitzroy is ultra strong and ultra stable its aluminum poles intersect 7 times to create a very stable structure- and a bit more expensive at $699.

Mountain Hardware tents are hi-tech tents for extreme conditions. The EV2 is a single-wall, superlight tent especially designed for high altitudes. Price $624.90 from

Eureka! Camping’s 5th Season EXO is made to withstand the harshest of conditions and has apparently been taken to mount Everest. The tent wall and inner wall are attached so that the snow doesn’t blow in between and the windows are cold-resistant. $489 from or see Eureka! website for a list of online retailers


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