Ever wonder how a sky castle grows? One room at a time :)
In this case, this “room” was a semi enclosed deck between the bedroom and the laundry room. Like many homes out in my neck of the woods, people will build a deck, then enclose it, creating a new room, them add another deck, and enclose it, that makes for some interestingly organic homes, I know, I’ve been in many of them.

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We had some sliding glass doors, complete with frame in our salvage area, I have complained enough about losing my views when PB builds on to the house, so this time he incorporated lots of glass. I think he is considering using this space as a bedroom in summer, with the high ceiling and potential for lots of air movement, it should be a good spot for keeping cooler.

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This piece of wood came out of a historic hotel in the next town over, I purchased it 2 years ago from a sale that benefited our local fire department. It was a headboard, I could see some potential as a door or something like that. PB agreed, we have kept it safe inside the house until now. Funny thing, when he cut into it to make it fit the space for a door, it turned out to be particle board with a very pretty veneer… oh well, can’t win them all, it was always going to be an indoor piece, just expected something from this historic hotel to be better quality than that. If you are curious about this hotel, think BIG or rather “Giant” and you’ll get it.

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Of course this is still a work in progress, as are most things around here, I’m OK with that though, growing up, my father was a tinkerer and builder, we never lived in a finished house, there was always at least one room that was in the process of something.

This is one of the latest projects, the bridge has been put on hold for a bit, it’s a good foot bridge for now, though eventually I expect to be able to drive across it in my truck. Now I wait to see what else PB does.

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