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Bartle: serial campaigner

This site was out-of-line in taking a swipe at San Francisco Realty, Green Key, and has apologised to its CEO Chris Bartle.

Bartle, a former management consultant, founded Green Key to help interested buyers find eco homes. The green movement is “the first new thing in real estate in a while,” Bartle said. Green Key will educate buyers and sellers about energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and sustainable building materials.

Bartle started Green Key Real Estate in San Francisco and has now opened a branch in Marin County. The firm is committed to green principles — it purchases wind power and works with builders who specialize in green buildings.

Bartle has been involved in numerous eco and political campaigns. He was involved in Tear of the Clouds, which ran a successful $10m lawsuit against a major law firm a few years ago, which had shirked its duty when it failed to accept a $40m settlement from Nestle whihc was selling mis-labeled water.

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