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Clean and easy to use, a compost bin to recycle your organic waste is this year’s off-grid must-have accessory. Compost bins can be used in the city, placed in a garden or on a balcony. They reduce the mountain of waste and make something out of nothing. Here are the best ones available online.


The Envirocycle Composter is designed for easy use: the drum of the bin can be turned to mix and air the compost. The cheapest we found was $119 at GrowOrganic.com

The Garden Deluxe 325 LTR Composter is a Swedish compost bin made from 100% recycled plastic. It is smaller and more discreet than most. 90 from BritishEco.com

The Green Cone Food Digester is a big conic bin to place in a garden. Mould converts your organic waste into compost, water and carbon dioxide. 66.90 from The green Cone website. (If your council is in an area where the green cone is being promoted you’ll get a discount)

The top of the range is the Indoor Outdoor Composter, ventilated by a 12 AC fan it is odorless and can be placed in a kitchen. It will convert kitchen waste into rich peat moss fertilizer and compost tea that can be used for gardening. Can be used in a 6 people house or office. Price $359.50 from Composters.com

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