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If you commute to work in a city, then the scooters in our online store could be help take part of your life off-grid.

The scooters have engines ranging from 100W to a gob-smacking 750W, can take you from 8mph to over 20mph for up to 30miles! They are perfect for the everyday commute, and for errands that are too far to walk but not far enough to take a car.

There are several varieties in our store, something to fit every budget – here’s just one example, but troll through our alternative transport section for more! You would just need to combine them with one of the solar panels and possibly a battery to make this an off-grid transportation solution.

Because they don’t use as much power as an entire electric car, the costs are low, and you can get partly off-grid that much easier! Many of them fold up, you don’t have to worry about booking space on the train.

Not only are these economical and smart, they are also a blast to ride and they don’t leave you sweaty when you arrive at work. Some models have a seat, if your don’t like standing that long, others resemble a push scooter and fold down to be very very compact.

It is easy to fit it in the trunk of your car, or in between your knees on the tube and the electric motor means it is silent so you won’t have to turn up your MP3 player while you ride. Easier than riding a bike, this could be the first step in your inner-city off-grid lifestyle.

Editor’s note: these may or may not be street legal, depending on where you live. We suggest you contact your local authorities, after you buy one so they can have a ride and see how much fun they are!

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