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Let there be Dark
If you are looking to get away from it all and live off the grid, there is one difficult problem – how do you choose where is “away from it all.” Which is the most isolated part of the USA or the UK, or Canada, or any other Western country?

A new set of photos from space could provide some help on the matter. If you go for the darker parts of the country you are also choosing the emptier parts. Overlay what you already know about the climate and other factors such as employment prospects, and the light map could be a good guide

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3 Responses to “Choose your location by the light map”

  1. Girldawg1

    I think I see our house!

  2. Emel

    The mid-west is more lit up than I would have expected. Some of these lesser lit places across the United States are not very livable though. The desert is pretty well bare as well as many mountain ranges.

  3. Rick

    Off the grid. Already there. Need help completing. Willing to teach.