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Property price is usually the defining factor in UK cost of living. Belfast is probably the cheapest city in the UK. Here’s a link to start you off with.


If it was me, I’d be looking at a place that is a combination of lowest crime with lowest house prices. No good having cheap booze and then you’re in hospital the next day all screwed over or your place has been ransacked.

Other than that if price is the only consideration – areas in Lancashire are good.

Price range for cheap would be a terraced house or flat for around £10k – £30k. Exclude holiday homes or caravans

The Telegraph list of most affordable cities is on a ratio of earnings to cost of living.

If you don’t have to take into account what you can earn in an area, for example if you are retired, then the list might be a bit different.

best buy at 199 Cog Lane Burnley

In LONDON, the Borough of Bexley is currently the cheapest place to live in Greater London according to official figures, and it also has excellent road and rail links with the whole of the South East region and beyond.

The problem is that so many people are moving in, and so many new properties are being constructed, that the local infrastructure is not going to cope. The electricity, water, gas and drainage systems can only cope with so much – not to mention local schools, shops and health services. It would appear that the volume of construction is very soon going to exceed the capacity for supply of resources.

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