Keep cool this summer. Here are the best camping coolers online.


The cheapest and most practical option if you need a cooler is the Igloo “Collapse and cool” soft cooler. $ 7.99 from it is unbeatable.

You can also get an army cooler for $10.

Rubbermaid 12can slim cooler is ideal for picnics in the park. Especially designed to carry cans. $14.95 from

Rubbermaid also make a 5 gallon water cooler. Ideal for long camping trips or family outings when you need a good supply of cold water. The cheapest we found was $25 from Capitol City

If what you need is more like portable fridge, then what you want is a Coolmatic Cooler. They run on a battery and have clever features like lamps, removable baskets and detachable lids. About $400 to $700 from

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