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Biodiesel processor
Biodiesel while you sleep

This unit will take lye and methanol, react it with vegetable oil, and produce a direct substitute for diesel fuel, to be used in any diesel engine, with no changes or modifications to the engine or fuel system. From tractors to trucks, cars to generators, even your boat, if you have a diesel engine, you can make your own fuel, no fumes, no fuss.
We start with a standard electric water heater from our local Sears store, and a conversion kit from Biodiesel Warehouse. After removing the cold water inlet tube, we remove the bottom drain, and attach the valve “T” assembly. The pump then bolts on to the “T”, attaching the fuel transfer manifold to the top of the pump. Connect the top pipe assembly to the cold water inlet on top of the heater, and the braided sight tube between the fuel transfer manifold and the top assembly. Rewire the electric elements so that power is delivered only to the bottom element (the top one would burn out if uncovered with oil), and optionally jumper the element from 3500 watts (220vac) to 5500 watts (220vac). An optional 2000 watt 120vac element is included with the kit. Connect hose from the safety release valve to the outdoors. An optional methanol recovery condenser can be connected to the hot water inlet at the top of the heater, with a shut off valve, otherwise plug the hot water output port. Complete details on construction and operation can be found in Girl Mark’s Biodiesel Homebrew Book.

Biodiesel Processor
Biodiesel Processor

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  1. Steve Spence

    Depends on the size of the water heater. I make 50 gallon batches, for about $0.80 / gallon

  2. bruce

    Not enough information to make me buy a book. Can you elaborate on the prodution capabilities and the cost per gallon to manufacture.

  3. Spinneyhead Eco House

    Home Brew

    Off-Grid on making your own Biodiesel. I almost wish I had a car so I could try this stuff out.

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