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Hello everyone, I had to sneak in a few pix of my new grandbaby, her name is May Lynn, she is the cutest baby ever! Of course I have to say that, being the grandma and all… :)

Proud Daddy

Here is proud Great-Grandpa

Here I am, Grandma

Here is happy Mama


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12 Responses to “Baby Pix”

  1. Wretha

    Hey Cindy!

    Sorry to hear you are sick, that’s no fun… :( I hope to be able to see you before I go back home, we’ll set something up soon.

    Yup, I’m a granny now, and a happy one! :)


  2. Eyeamabeliever

    Wow, your a Grandma!!! She is soooo adorable! I am so happy for you. I talked to Alma yesterday and she told me all about the baby. Sorry I haven’t called, I have been sick for the past couple of weeks with allergies. Anyways, I will call you soon and I hope to get to see you before you have to go back. Love ya and God bless, Cindy

  3. Wretha

    Thanks Bustednuckles and Hausfrau! :)


  4. Hausfrau

    So beautiful! Enjoy!

  5. Bustednuckles

    Congratulations .
    My best wishes to you and your family.

    Some busy times are still ahead getting settled in, good luck!

  6. Wretha

    Thanks Nancy & Rook, I'm getting this grandma thing down, I hold her when she is smiling or sleeping, when she needs a diaper change or gets fussy, I give her back to her mom or dad. ;)


  7. Rook

    Way to go grand ma!!! Make sure to tell your son and daughter in law congrats from your blog family.

    Working on the moat…


  8. Nancy

    Congratulations to everyone involved! Her little feet are adorable, and I love the third photo. She’s already sticking her tongue out at the camera!

  9. Wretha

    Thanks Marie, it’s very exciting to have a new baby in the family, I can’t believe I’m a grandma!


  10. Marie

    Wow! She is beautiful! Congratulations to everyone! The pictures are great–she looks like a happy baby!

  11. Wretha

    Thanks Seth, yup, I love that new baby smell, it’s soooo sweet! Look again, I added more pix to this post.


  12. seth

    Congratulations to all!!!!
    She’s so cute. Don’t ya just love that newborn baby smell!!
    Thanks for sharing the pics. Seth