Ever heard of air pruning? Neither have I… I just watched this video and I’m blown away, I think of all the people who do container gardening for many reasons, some don’t have the space, some rent and aren’t allowed to till up the grass/lawn, others have poor or no soil. Grow bags are simple and easy to make and use, these are demonstrated in this video.

02Plants in containers get root bound, it’s what happens when the roots grow around and around inside of a container, eventually it stunts the plant because it isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. This takes care of that problem very nicely, Larry Hall was kind enough to record some of his successes with this process. Scroll down for the video.


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2 Responses to “Air pruning?”

  1. Sam W.

    I never heard about this before now, thanks for sharing!

  2. hashmoon

    great concept