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We are looking for people who have the skills and the resources and want to make the move from their existing lives inside mainstream society, leave their jobs and their mortgages and their high-spending consumer habits, and move to a low-stress, low-consumption life off the grid.

Of course there will still be a need for at least some to work and make money, still a need to generate power, wash, cook, have shelter. But we want to show the world all these things are possible in total comfort, with no stress, off the grid, if you arrange yourself cleverly.

There are many reasons why I have been trying to make a film or a web series about people who are making the move to live off-grid. The first is that the masses of material on TV at the moment never seems to reflect real people and their real lives.

The second is there is a huge pent-up demand for knowledge about this life, and successful examples of how to do it. Right now I get about 10 emails a day from people who are saying they have had enough of their lives inside mainstream society but do not know how to get out.

I want folks to watch my film and think “I can do that. |I am going to do that.”

Please help us. Please join us.

In the first instance please write to, or even better SKYPE me at OFFGRIDNICK, so we can chat through WHEN you could move, WHERE you live, WHY you want to move off-grid and WHAT kind of skills you are offering.

I hope to hear from you soon.

you can see an old film I made last year when I first started raising the money to make this film:

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56 Responses to “Let us film you and we will help find you an off-grid home”

  1. Lennie

    I have often thought about how great it would be to be part of a community that is self sustained and not reliant/tied to the ‘mainstream’.
    To be able to live without big supermarkets, big governments, mainstream schooling etc etc.
    To live in a community that looks after itself and welcomes diversity and growth would be such a blessing.
    I honestly do not know what my particular skills are, and I have no finnance to offer such a community, but a desire to be a part of a happy self sustaining community has to be as worthy as having a specific skill. I will do and share all I can, to the best of my ability for a more peaceful cooperative life for my daughter and myself within a self sustaining community!

  2. Lisa

    I have been dreaming about this for years now! How does one make the leap with the desire but without any particular skill set other than a strong work ethic and not afraid to to the hard work?

  3. joe

    I too am tired of today’s society living.I have two daughters that have no idea yet this us what I want to do. Wife is OK w it. I’ve been watching all these survival outdoors shows n feel I can do this. There are no jobs available anymore. N I’m at age nobody wants me. I have extreme talents n wood. N can redo fix just about anything n everything. Would love to relocate w another family for dual moral support

  4. Jessica Dagel

    I’m the mom in a family with 7 children ages 12 and under. My husband and I have been desiring a life where we live to live rather than living for an income. He does construction and I homeschool our children. Together we raise animals and have a growing garden for food, but this 100 year old house we live in is not working out for our desire to live off-grid. We have lots to learn and are ready to sell all and dive in as soon as we can, if our large family with young children can do this than we can prove that anybody could!

  5. Stacey

    We are almost there…. we own 35 acres of wooded and open land, overlooking Long Point Bay on Lake Erie, Ontario Canada. the entire area is part of the World Biosphere and eco-tourism is huge. Paul and I are semi retired, have been producing our own food and are ready to get away from the high cost of local electricity. I have my own well, complete with purification system… sewage system etc… We live in a carriage type home, built in 2010, very efficient. it is simply the electrical that keeps us connected. We both downsized from huge homes, hectic jobs and hope we can do this. there is a shortage of help out there… we have even tried to utilize the various government agencies… only to be frustrated. Not sure how photogenic two pasty Celtic-origin Canadians would be… but we are willing to try! :)

  6. sarah

    It’s amazing that there is so many of us and all we ready need is to make sure we find land that they can’t kick us off of I also have capital and I am so so ready to do this but like many others I am not sure where to go and how to start. I have to make sure that I don’t invest and then have the government tell us we have to leave. I have 2 small boys and can’t take that chance. I am in long island NY and it is not safe here at all. I am willing to relocate and invest if someone can show me that the law won’t get in our way and I lose all I have saved. I took down the email of the family thinking about Rochester NY and will be in touch and also the people looking to make a community in Canada. Again we have to make sure they can’t Kick us off. I don’t get why it would be a problem if we are helping the planet. I hear it’s be they have a new plan for us and want us dependent so that we do whatever they say. What is happening to our world? I truly fear for all of our futures. Please let’s join together and keep peace and love upfront E mail me and let’s get a real solid plan

  7. nova

    hello, i have been compleatly fed up with living like i do. working every day to make someone rich when i know i can only find true happyness living off the land. i would love to teach my son the right way of truly living. i also can show others how to make power WOTHOUT wind…. sun…. gas…. or water. energy without depending on elements. we already incubate chickens . grow food. own a dinkey. know a little about alot. this is my dream. i am only very limited on funds. i need to find places that already have comunitys and land that my son and husband and i can go to truly live off grid. please help me.

  8. Nate

    I’d love to join a community of stress free, greed free and off the grid green living. I imagine a more permanent “barter fair” where we all bring something to our community through our efforts. If this sounds at all good to any of the other hard workers out there that just want a simple and natural life community then contact me ASAP!

  9. John

    Hi name is John.I’m a 32 male who is on social security and disability for my back.bones missing in my spine.but doesn’t mean I’m dead weight.always loved being outdoors and the sense of pride of doing things on your own and the feeling of man coming together as 1.was to build a cabin this past summer but just my luck i had to have hernia I’m ready to get back out there.just nit alone this time.why I’m writing here.I’m a positive type person with lots of ideas and some knowledge in a lot of areas.just want to help and b truly myself in this world and would like to change that.I’m in Western PA and always ready to relocate

  10. Stefan & Leigh

    Leigh & I are living in north-western British Columbia, we are outdoorsy people in our 50s and are planning to get off-grid for retirement.
    We both have to work to make ends meet, growing a small garden and hunting to get food.

  11. Ruthie

    I have a family of 4 myself a Brooklyn city girl since birth, Im 34 my husband also Brooklyn born n raised we thought AZ in the 90`s was country living lol. Our daughter is 16 raised in AZ n our son 6 . Well we have been discussing this decision for along time now. Now luckily for me my mom was born n raised on a farm so I’m not brand new to this life also we had no cell phones or computers in my day. We have a lot to offer n we all are excited to do this my email is ruthietardo@hot

  12. Rachel

    My husband and I would love to live off the grid. We are looking for help on how to get started. We are tired of the working hard for little pay and getting nowhere. The two of us love nature and are very useful workers. If anyone kcould give us some tips it would be greatly welcomed. We are willing to work hard for freeing ourselves.

  13. Shannon

    Single mother of 3 struggling to survive in this rat race when I know we could thrive in a community of “real living”. Myself and children are not afraid of the commitment, we just need to get there.

  14. Thomas Brown

    Please, I am desperate to find an off the grid home. I have been struggling for six years to support myself. I have been unable to obtain employment and just feel a burden to my friends and family I know I have the knowledge and skills necessary to not only live but live in comfort off the grid implementing systems such as aquaponics and biogas generators. I have been hoping for some time to become employed and buy some land to start my dream. But it seams that is not going to happen anytime soon. I beg for the chance.

  15. ysidro

    I’m very interested in off grid community. I heard there is a non profit that has a established off grid intentional community. I have years of experience with food, solar, water, pumping, reloading, hunting, and peace keeping. I’m from Stockton California, I am ready to move on. I have capital and am willing to invest.

  16. Don

    I just moved from Minnesota to Alabama in my RV to live off the grid please contact me..
    Where is this land in Alabama im looking to buy some

  17. Rob

    created that site to buy my dog back from ‘officials’
    was camping on crown land in ontario growing food in buckets
    i have hundreds of thousands of food seeds, wish to farm somewhere
    great labourer, farmer, fisherman, and overall jack of trades
    digging for all legislative rule, and difference between bill of rights and charter of rights
    also checking out ‘claim of rights’ and ‘notice of understanding’
    cheers neighbours of this world :)

  18. Annette

    I to am very interested in living off the grid. I am a 35 yr old female who has a passion for the forest, trees, farming, animals etc. Although I never farmed, I am open to this. I hate the greedy politicians and bankers. Anyways I don’t have the money to purchase land. But I would like to live in this type of alternative community. I’m currently living in West Palm Beach Fl. No cheap land out here. If anyone wants to get in touch with me I can be reached at

  19. LYNN

    Hello, I am currently in Lancaster County, PA, my fiance and I have two children, we are desperate about living off the grid, this life of the daily “grind” is horrific and killing us so to speak, please contact me and help us figure out how to accomplish this as a family, I have no idea how to get started or where to start, thank you…

  20. Cathi Sonnenberg

    I would love to do this, but need more education. Ha! Although, I’m a teacher, I don’t know much about this. I’ve been exploring tiny houses/cabins and have recently decided to start saving money so that I can make an outright purchase in 5 years. Thank you for any information you can give me! I want too live on a lake or river and grow/raise my own food.

  21. Steven


    My name is Steven. I am 23 and halfway through school. I’ve never lived off the grid before but I am considering a self-sustaining lifestyle as a means of reducing stress in my life. This could be a great opportunity to earn the startup capital to really make it happen. Please consider contacting me to discuss this further before you make your decisions.


  22. evan

    hey im 16 years old, i hate school and the economy and all the stress of trying to get good grades and making money, i hate how life is today. I have no care for pretty much anything in school. and i dont want to just graduate and get a shitty job. ever since my freshman year of highschool i just wanted to leave like just walk away from everything, pack up and run away, find a big enough forrest somewhere and surive in it, its been my dream for a while now. But i have made the choice that it would be better to finish highschool since ill only be able to go through highschool once in my life i might as well make the best of it. Anyways i’ve figured that once i graduate i’m going to pack a backpack and just walk, to whatever and wherever i feel like walking. And maybe if i found a nice place build up a small camp and live their for a bit. but i am sitting in study hall right now and i googled “living of the grid” and your website came up, i read through it and thought it was pretty cool.

  23. Cecilia Wingfield

    I want to live off the grid . Not sure how to start

  24. rickie

    My husband,myself and six children make up our family of suburban dwellers(HATE IT).We have decided to start to make the move toward simplicity.Learning new skills,alternative ways and cooking from scratch.Living in the burbs does make somethings difficult to do such as livestock.Looking for our new homestead.Cant wait to see what we find.

  25. Shelly

    Hi! My husband, 3 young kids & I would love to get off the grid!! We are jut strting our homeschooling journey & would love to teach our kids about farming, alternative energy sources, caring for our land & conserving etc. Not just in theory but getting dirty & living it. We have a small organic garden now but we would love to have a large garden & be able to sell what we don’t use to a farmers market to make extra income as well as have our own livestock. My husband works for a local trucking company & would want to transfer to another warehouse in a different state. We are looking at Colorado, New Mexico area but I would prefer Georgia or North Carolina. We live in Florida now so I’d like to stay kind of close to my family. We don’t know much as yet about sustainable living but we’re learning & are willing to work hard.

  26. Teresa C. Marrero

    I am a Dairy Farmer auctioning off my Ohio Dairy Farm. I will be searching for a new farm and put my entire operation “OFF GRID”. It will also be certified organic. I will be employing a lot of the old ways in every aspect of this new “sheeps milk” dairy. I will be making hand crafted cheese, wool, meat and many other products. I am also am an artist and poet. I am so excited to have come in contact with you; for I had already decided to film myself, going through this journey. I am also doing this by myself. The number one demographic starting small farms are single females over the age of 40. I fall into that category. You may call me 216-319-8708


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