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The month is almost gone, time goes by so fast here, it seems like we just got here and it also seems like we have always been here, I can’t say that I have forgotten my life before this, but it is fading. Before we moved here, I didn’t know how I would be able to leave all of my responsibilities, I felt a great responsibility to do the jobs I had, both at Best Buy and at Curves. I did a lot of key things at both places, things that no one else did for the most part, and I enjoyed working at both places. I enjoyed the people I knew there. I know that I did a good job at what I did and I cared about it, I am afraid that things aren’t getting done as well as I would do it because I did care about what I was doing. The few weeks (or was it months?) that I was still in Irving after I quit both jobs, I felt like a fish out of water, I felt like I didn’t have anything to do, in reality there was lots to do with all the last minute packing and keeping the items on the trailer safe from the weather… well, once we got here, that all changed, I do not worry about things back in town like I thought I might, I do miss everyone I knew there, but I am pretty busy here, and what I do is so much more enjoyable and rewarding, I do not regret making this major life changing move.

Tonight is pizza night, I am making the dough, I make a yeast dough and right now it’s rising on the wood stove, the stove is still warm from this morning and it’s the perfect temp for the dough. I have some hamburger meat that needs to be cooked and I have some left over deer sausage that needs to be eaten, that will go good on the pizza. I am making the dough here in the cabin, but I’ll cook it at our neighbor’s house, it’s pizza night for him too! :)

Bob just scared me to death! I am inside the cabin, he is outside on a very narrow scaffolding attached to the house, he is putting up more siding, he is up pretty high, I heard a crash and other sounds that you don’t want to hear in this situation, I had a vision of him falling, I jumped up and ran to the door while calling out to him, he answered that he was OK, I still went out to see what happened, he had nearly fallen, the scaffolding he is using is a ladder with some boards on it to walk on, he said he was focused on what he was doing with his hands and took one step too many to the side and stepped off into the air. I heard him scrabbling to catch himself, he dropped the board and the drill he was holding, that was the crash I heard. So far we have done very well not to get injured, just a few minor bruises, scrapes, cuts, blisters, splinters and the occasional cactus thorn. We have to be and have been very careful here, there are no doctors or hospitals very near by, there is a volunteer fire department, and I understand they are in the process of training EMTs as well, the little community here is trying to be as self sufficient as possible. Our neighbor has some medical training, so if anything bad happens he will be our first stop for help.

Yesterday was a good day, our other friends out here just bought a property just around the mountain from us, there is a mobile home and a travel trailer on it, both were fully furnished, everything was from the 70s, and in pretty good shape, they allowed us to go through some of the kitchen stuff and take what we needed, we got a small 3 burner stove with oven from the travel trailer, it’s so cute, it’s turquoise blue, and it should be set up for propane already, if not, Bob can change what needs to be changed to make it run on propane. We also got a lot of other misc kitchen stuff, one of my favorite things is a set of coffee mugs, bright orange, made by Fire King, I love free stuff! :)

Well, I think I’ll go back out and see if I can help more, at least try to get Bob to knock off for the day and get cleaned up to go eat pizza.


Anonymous Anonymous said…
Have you considered cooking in a solar oven? From what I understand, they’re pretty easy to make and use.


February 27, 2008 12:48 PM


Anonymous Oldman in the Boonies said…
I hope your Pizza night went well. It sounds like you still need to work out an oven. Well I am sure you will. Nice of other folks to help you guys out.

Just a short story here. When We were building our house 24 years ago, I was putting up the steel beam in the basement. My son was 14 at the time and had an 8 ft section of the beam on a chain hanging from the tractor bucket. Well it slipped, he yelled and I looked up. Good thing I did because all I got was a bad cut instead of a smashed skull. 3 stiches but no death….. Be thankful and BOB BE CAREFUll !!!!

February 27, 2008 3:23 PM


Blogger Wretha said…
TheMajor’sLady, yes, I am familiar with solar cooking, it’s something I have been interested in since I was a teenager, (that’s a LONG time… grin!), check out my earlier messages on the blog http://wretha.blogspot.com/2007/12/solar-cooking-first-attempt.html, you will find what I have done so far, not much, but it is a start, and I have heated foods in it. My hubby used to own/run a restaurant equipment repair business, he is well versed in cooking equipment, with his knowledge about that, and my knowledge of solar cooking, we plan on making several solar ovens, I’ll write about them as it happens… thanks for your comment, keep them coming! :)

Oldman, scary story! I do worry about Bob, but he is careful and so far, so good, no injuries or problems, we are both very careful, we know there’s not much help if we get hurt or sick out here. Oh, and pizza night went very well, thanks! Keep the comments coming, I appreciate each and every one!


February 29, 2008 12:14 PM

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