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140 Responses to “Welcome to Off Grid”

  1. Dsylvester76

    Anyone still interested in going off the grid? Buying 10 acres in Utah and plan on creating a homestead for like minded individuals. Please contact me at so we can talk.

    • yasin

      i am 53 yrs old man old living in Malaysia. i would like to invite people to join me and become my companion to live offgrid in Malaysia. if you read this mssg do make your first move to drop me a mail at

  2. Joe Hawk

    Hello everyone, I am a 52 year old single gentleman with a 34′ fully self contained motor home and 1 small wonderful dog in search of a rewarding off the grid lifestyle. I would be very interested in either joining a already established community or one that is a work in progress. A little about myself as I have stated above I am single and would also be open to finding that very special like minded woman to invite me or join in with me in this new found lifestyle and adventure. My credentials are listed below and can disclose more if need be. I am a very responsible, honest, personable, dependable, reliable and very skilled individual, in the many facets of industry that i will mention ahead. I am seeking and prefer a long term position although all short term positions are welcomed. My fields of interest would be in but are not limited to campgrounds, resorts, farmland, construction sites, storage facilities, domestic animal rescue centers, commercial land and or personal property. My experiences include but are not limited to several different types of industry businesses such as security and surveilance, account collections, property management and rentals, property maintenance, housekeeping/custodian, landscape construction, design and sprinkler irrigation installations and the general construction trade. I have experience with all types of heavy equipment operations such as backhoe, front end loaders, graders and forklifts. I also have plumbing, carpentry, masonry and electrical experience. One could describe a person like myself as a very versatile master handyman with work experiences that cross over into many different professions. I am a very mechanically incline person who is Computer literate with great management skills. I am set up to live on site with my fully self contained Class A Motor home with you supplying all necessary utilities as well as a nominal salary, in exchange for my skill set and experience that i bring to the table. I am a legal owner of several different types of firearms and can obtain a CCW license for the purpose of protecting your assets should it be a requirement for the position at hand. I would like to thank you in advance for considering me for any possible opportunities that you may have available that may match my skill set and experiences. NOTE: I will be available to travel should it be necessary for the position at hand, however i would like to remain within the Southwestern United States such as California, Nevada or Arizona. Please add BOONDOCKING to subject line so I can avoid spam. Thanks!!

  3. freetraveller

    Hello Nature-Lovers !

    I’m like a kind of “modern-hermit”, a free independent and smiling “spiritual”, free from viciousness/materialism and well-seasoned in vanishing alone into nature/jungles/mountain-tops …

    Apart from my nature/jungle stays, I have also created a small “nature-place” of my own in a corner of a village where I often go to relax/work/research/smile with plants, birds and creatures… (a basic cottage with no electricity, cooking with firewood, lighting with Kerosene oil, natural well-water, a tree-hut, paddy fields …)

    Also, I’m searching for a more suitable location (land) in or close to a jungle, away from human-voice, man-made hassles etc, so that I can settle permanently with tranquilizing nature, animals and so on. What I can and cannot do as an individual is clear to me, and I’m happily moving along that path with confidence …

    In the meantime, I am also exploring the possibilities of organizing a small group of like-minded individuals who are longing to live happily in nature/jungle (or you may call it off-the-grid, into the wild, freeing yourself from the rat race, or whatever…lol) for the rest of their lives so that TOGETHER we can contribute “something” better for all of us, other like-minded people, nature and humanity as well…

    I’m a vegetarian, happy and funny, do not belong to popular religions, very open-minded, free from superstitions, politics etc, financially independent, practice simplicity/minimalism, healing arts, relaxation/meditation … I’m not afraid of living or dying, but enjoy non-violence and do not harm other living creatures too…

    So, if you are really longing for this “freedom & beautiful, deeper connection with nature/universe” and have the strength, ability and knowledge with some sustainable income, you can do it practically like I do …(if you like to join with me here in this island Sri Lanka, expenses are less …)

    (I must make it clear again that I am not inviting someone to just run a farm in the wild and kill, eat and sell animals etc…)

    Good Luck to All !!!
    Just feel free to contact me …
    Kumar (

    • Ari

      Hi, sounds like your living my dream. We would definitely be compatible. I currently live Close to vancouver b.c. I definitely would join you. I have a few questions , are you from Sri Lanka ? How long could someone not from their stay? I have some money per month. How much money per month would be required? Can your cabin acomidate another person. Shower toilet, water etc .. what is the location your at? What kind of work do you do.

  4. richard korejwo

    Canadian 59 Y/O male..Would be great to meet an offgrid bound women .I live in middle of the rockies and plan to be off grid in approx 3 to 5 years .Or less depending on the local economic situation .email me at

    I am looking to meet a serious off grid bound women,knows what S H T F means ,likes chickens ,snow ,privacy ,gardening ,spiritual (but not insane about it)and the energy to do with a great mate and someone who desires it also.For more info on me ,do send me an email..Dating sites are not a good venue to find you..Stay cool and stay you

  5. charlie

    i am 50 yrs old and living in indiana. why is it that all the off grid and survival oriented schools and communities are located in the south, the east coast , or out west? i am currently seeking someone to correspond with who might be able to help me get started. i am also seeking to correspond with a female who is interested in exploring going off grid with me.

  6. Olliep

    Good Evening,

    About 2 years ago, I began looking into living off grid as a more efficient, healthier, and overall happier alternative to the rat race. I investigated land all over the country and after countless hours of research, I settled on Canon Milagro by Santa Rosa, New Mexico as the building site for my dream. It is everything I could have ever wanted and now I’m inviting others to join me.

    There are approximately 9.5 miles of country gravel roads leading to the property from I-40. Four-wheel drive is recommended for the occasional snow-producing storms but nothing too damning. Approximately 30% of the gently rolling hills are scattered with Juniper and Pinion Pine trees ranging from 8’ to 20’ tall. In short, this place is my paradise.

    Also, if I am looking to touch base with society again, located about 30 miles away, Santa Rosa, NM is the closest town. It’s a quiet, friendly town of approximately 3,000 residents. In addition to very basic shopping, Santa Rosa hosts the famous deep diving hole, The Blue Hole, several motels and excellent restaurants, including authentic Mexican food. The area boasts a moderate climate with almost 300 sunny days a year. (See the chart below for references compared to US average climates.)

    This land is the canvas on which I will build my dream but I don’t want to just keep it to myself. I want to share it with others who are interested in living free, happy, and healthy. This is a place of freedom.

    The only rule is to Live and Let Live.

    If you are interested, email me



  7. S Bey

    Writing from the Atlanta territory. We are seeking people to pull resources together to create more freedom. We are very serious. There are a few options to explore. All non-judge mental welcome. We are vegatarian/vegan holistic. We study law, science, history. Email for consideration.

  8. Russ chase

    I am looking for someone to share my cabin with in northern Canada. Also help with garden, greenhouse , cutting wood. I’m 55 year old male not looking for a mate just a companion interested in off grid lifestyle. Cabin is large with many conveniences . I travel to work three days at a time and also require someone to look after the place when I’m away. If your interested I have pictures and more info my email is

  9. Matthew

    I’m moving to the wilderness of Georgia in less than two months. I’m from Texas and I’m a Christian. Looking for like-minded people that are interested in coming with me. I have proven survival skills, and i specialize in edible plants. (This isn’t my first time living in the wild). Its ok if you don’t have survival skills. I just want people who love Jesus and love the forest, and won’t leave when things get tough. If your mentally tough, can hike at least 10 miles, and are willing to work and learn, message me at

  10. Haley

    Hi everyone! I am so grateful for finding this website. Its seems that no matter how hard we try, neither my boyfriend or I can find fulfillment or satisfaction in the system we are living in. Through research, consideration and plenty of lengthy conversation, we have decided that getting away from society, and back to nature is the path we must take. We know that we cannot do this on our own right now. We are a young couple (20 & 21) but we are passionate, hardworking and willing to learn anything that someone is willing to teach us. We have no specific religious affiliation one way or another and spirituality is not a prime focus of ours. We currently both eat meat but are seriously considering a vegan diet. We are interested in being a part of something that uses clean energy and would eventually like to live a clean sustainable lifestyle, but are open to whatever comes our way at this point in our journey. As far as location, we are willing to explore any of our options. We currently reside in the Midwest so we are open to many places. We have talked specifically about Oregon, Arizona, Colorado and Tennessee. While warmer climates are appealing, any place where we can be surrounded by the beauty of nature will be more than enough. If you have any questions, can offer advice etc. Please feel free to contact me at Thank you so much!

  11. SueAnne

    Off Grid in Nova Scotia Canada.
    I have a 70 acre, mortgage free property and am going off grid this spring, I would be interested in chatting with anyone who would like discuss an off grid community.
    email me at

  12. aggies_farm

    Developing a small community/homestead in NE Texas, room for around 10-12 folks(currently 3) in tiny houses in and around the forest, working towards full off-grid/full diet sustainability(one member is vegan), presently some solar/tanks,ponds,cistern/miles of drip tape/30×96 high tunnel. 18 acres hardwood forest, 13 acres pasture/cropland. Methods in line with permaculture/holistic management/organics. Philosophy is non-dogmatic/non-judgmental. Looking for members/partners/investors to join and help us build, the farm is a year old and is an excellent foundation on which to build a stable off grid community.

    Check us out
    or email at

  13. Vet46835

    Hey all-
    I am a 35 year old white male that is looking to join or help form an off-grid community. I am a 9 year Army Veteran, 4 of which was in Special Ops. I have strong survival experience and skills, as well as force protection abilities. I have college degrees in Biology and Chemistry, and am tired of working in the corporate world and watching the country/world go to crap around me. I am very athletic and active, I eat well and exercise daily. I do not smoke or do any drugs. I am very laid back, easy going, but hard working. I can operate any type of heavy construction equipment, as I did so in the military for the first 5 years. I enjoy fishing, hunting, and enjoying the natural world around me. I have watched people become scarily increasingly dependent on technology and modern conveniences, and would love to live away from all the noise and congestion and complaints about “First-World” problems. I am looking for someone and/or a group of people that shares these passions and is very serious about doing something for our betterment. I can be reached at

  14. mlj1111

    My name is Michael and I own some property in Lucas, Iowa. Sadly it is not a humongous acreage, however it is zone free and big enough for several domiciles as it is a third of an acre. ( around 46000sf )
    I have big plans, but shallow pockets.
    I am looking at putting up several new 2 story garage/apartments sold as a material package via Menard’s ( $19.000 )and making both levels livable, and off-grid, mounting panels, along with wind energy.
    Could drill a well, but also could just use the current sewage system and water that is available to connect to on property also.
    Lots of possibilities.
    Looking for people who have the desire and stamina and possibly some know how, to make this happen. ( I am thinking no more then 3 families or persons to start with)
    I know the property could easily support 4 of these structures, however I would like to leave some land available for gardens and what-not.
    This property is not in the boonies, however there aren’t even 100 people in the town, and there are jobs around in Chariton, and Osceola.
    Plenty of room to park travel trailers to stay in during build process.
    Trees around property other then to south which has a great sun opening for panels.
    My email is, or you can contact me at 515-321-4436.
    Open to your ideas and possibilities.

  15. stavelake

    Opps forgot contact info…

  16. stavelake

    I live in Mission, B.C. Canada. I have a home and a cabin on the beach of Stave Lake. I have lived off-grid here for just over 12yrs. The cabin has recently become available. I am having a hard time advertising on landbuddy (glitching). I am seeking a good fit, Ie. independant and willing to learn, into gardening and possibly construction. There is money earning potential for the self motivated. Dan.

    • Ari

      Hi, my name is Ari. Are you looking for someone to join you? If so please give All details . I don’t live to far from mission. Iam currently looking to go off grid with the compatible person . Thank You.

  17. dragonfly40

    I am 39, white female, moved to Alaska in October 13 2014. Looking for someone to take me in and live off grid. I am in pretty good shape, don’t mind hard work or getting dirty, I can cut and haul wood, take care of animals and have experience in gardening, I also fish. I want someone willing to teach me what I need to know to live this way of life, I am in the homer Alaska area and would like to stay within 150 miles of area. My email is

  18. Sas

    Hi! I am 55 year old, live in Saskatchewan, Canada, and love living off the grid. I have a tiny cabin build last summer on my lovely acreage of 30 acres. Still needs lots of work but is good enough to live in. It has a wood stove but no running water. Human waste is composted, no water waste! Have to haul water from community well, which is a beautiful drive through the country for 10 minutes with my truck. I have a generator. Lights are from solar lights or battery operated lights.

    I also have a 5th wheel at my property that is great to live in during Summer.
    I have build gardens, a shed and a wood shed. I own 2 horses, 1 dog and 4 cats. As for now I live in my house in town. In Spring-Summer I want to sell my house and move to my acreage to live all year round.
    It would be really nice to have another person at my acreage though. It would be nice to have company, share costs of living and do chores together, while living in a beautiful quiet area, just 1 mile from the river and half hour drive to town. It is also a lot safer to have a second person around, when living so secluded.
    Who is interested in living off grid at my acreage, send me a message and lets talk. My email is

  19. Freedomforce

    Mid 50’s male living in a semi-wilderness, semi-off grid paradise, beside a wild river in Alberta… looking for a spiritually aware gal with a good head on her shoulders that loves nature, gardening and all the good things in life.

  20. cory

    Im lookin for to start or join a off grid community.
    I’m a master hydroponic builder and grower and can build anything for any occasion. Contact me for anything I’m in ohio and willing to travel

  21. Conneen

    I can be of great help to anyone when it comes to plumbing

  22. Conneen

    I’m a 23 year old man living in Pennsylvania . Own my own plumbing business . But By the time I get out of the new debt I accumulate every day I will be too old to value life . It will all just be a memory . That thought alone scares and depresses me every single day .. Life is much too precious .. I want to leave this Behind . I want to see the beauties of this world . There’s just
    Nothing in today’s world that I feel benefits me and the longer I stay in it the more it drags me down …..I can’t do it alone but maybe I’ll have to . . . Idk if this sparks anyone’s interests contact me … Please…..

  23. JeremyB

    Please email me
    Also we are willing to travel…

  24. JeremyB

    Looking for a person or couple with some land to start a homestead, with a off grid lifestyle.

    My girlfriend and I currently live in st. Louis Missouri.  I grew up in a small town in the boot heel of Missouri, called piedmont. We raised chickens, ducks, geese, and a few goats. In addition, we had a small garden. Which we had more as a hobby, the fresh vegetables were just a bonus. Also my grandparents own a dairy farm in northern Minnesota, where  I spent a few summers. My girlfriend doesn’t have the farming/livestock experience I do, but she was raised in the sticks. She is a bit of a tomboy, and isn’t scared to get her hands dirty.

    My orginal plans were to buy a piece of property,  and live off it. To get to the point where I was 90%+ self-reliant. To grow and harvest my own crops, raise and breed my own chickens for eggs and meat, Trap small and  hunt larger game, gather what natural resources were around, and fish if possible…

    We have been saving for awhile to accomplish this dream, we have been able to put back about 12k. So obviously  buying property isn’t an option at the moment. But would have enough to get the basics. because of my job in construction I do have alot of hand tools, and have been collecting odd and end things to make this dream happen…

    If anyone likes what I’m talking about, feel free to drop me a line or if you have questions just ask…

  25. hippygypsy

    I have 10 acres snowflake Arizona. Want to do this. Land is undeveloped and not in city limits. Need interested people. Can’t do it alone. No $ req’d just your input and participation. Email : tuckerbeth63@

    • Ari

      Hi my name is Ari, how far along with your project are you? I am definitely interested. Iam very outgoing positive person. What I did last for work was renovation restorations. In the last few years I’ve become somewhat Ehs . Please send details . I currently live in Canada close to the border , iam willing to relocate , Canada doesn’t have any comunity off grid locations. If you no longer have space or need people , could you possibly make a sudjestion of someone else at snowflake Arizona, that could acomidate. Thank You

  26. markp1950

    Oops I forgot the link,
    I hope that when I get the cash together, I’m going off the grid-in the city….

  27. markp1950

    Back again. I found another product. Ceres greenhouses for all year growing. I’ve seen a youtube video of them growing tomatoes in Leadville,CO at 10,000FT elevation in March with snow on the ground. I love new technologies!

  28. markp1950

    Ok, this might be a scam. But I don’t think so. is coming out with a line of generators. What is so unusual for this generator, is that it doesn’t run off of gas, or diesel or propane. It runs off WATER! 4 gallons of water will run the 5kw generator for 3 days. I know that it sounds weird. But they are looking for dealers and expect it to come out next year. They are not accepting orders until March 2015. Personally I will be keeping an eye on these guys. If true, it will be wonderful for off grid people, not having to look for gas. Because it runs off water, it can be run indoors.
    Too good to be true? Maybe. But it’s too good to ignore too.
    Another company has a different technology

  29. VeggieGirl

    Hi. My names Brianna. I am a young starting out Homesteader. My goal is to go completely off the grid with a select few people. I already have a few people, but I require certain skills and people who are willing to work for their stay and food. I’m hoping to buy a 40 acres or so and get started in the next 5 years. In the meantime, I want to create a strong bond amongst my crew. I’ve been planning and preparing myself for an off-grid, sustainable life-style since I was sixteen. I am very young though and would like some working experience. Is there anyone in the area of Florida willing to let me come visit their sustainable off-grid location and get some hands on feel.

  30. Wyld Nyne

    Looking for like minded good people with only positive intentions.

    My name is Chad; I am reaching out to people who want the same, to remove themselves from the matrix and get back to true nature, living in harmony and in balance, back to zero point. The current system controls us with fear, time and money and these things are an illusion. It keeps us in base mind consciousness and unbalanced within our polarities, to far left or right of the hemisphere, running the social programs subconsciously day in and day out. There is a way out, not running deep forest style separating and dividing us more but unification on a grand conscious level. We must come together to a holistic truth and that truth is here.
    New Earth
    There is light at the end of the tunnel.
    I’m looking for like minded people who would want to be involved in my vision, and help manifest our imagination into reality. I’m looking to pull together a team and resources to get a fractal community built using the Ubuntu / New Earth Nation blueprint or similar.

    I’m a 40 year old highly talented artist, craftsman, creator, researcher, looking to join a off the grid community of the like or build one near the Utah / Washington area but will travel afar if the right conditions. I’m seeking open and awake minds to get back to true nature and self sustainability. I don’t have land nor a lot of resource but I do possess a plethora of skill knowledge and wisdom and open to learn more and can be a great asset to the right community. Ubuntu would describe my thought on how to live, if it’s not good for all it’s not good at all. Please contact me even if you just want to give some advice or helpful info or if you have land and want to build or have already started and are looking for members. Thanks

  31. mikewilcox

    I am a 60 year old survivalist in Nv I am finding out that most preppers dont really understand what its like living off the grid Being stealth is key !!! America has 30,000 drones that fly at 5,000 feet with thermal imaging cameras that can spot a dime on the ground Also people are giving there location away on social networks !!! Remember stay sealth !!!!

  32. BobbyKorona

    Hello to all 10-26-2014
    If you are close to Bunnell Florida and have been dreaming about going of grid….lets talk…. 2 years raising wild cough Tilapia in natural 1 acre pond for food… you need to experiment building a pallet house… or starting an organic raft garden …. Bob….. ……..

  33. Kakimka

    I am a 40 years old female physically very fit creative and smart living of the Grid in Canada 30 km from the border of Maine,originally I am German.
    My goal is to get totally unplugged and live totally independent from the system and converting my time instead to work and using money for my daily surviver,I am a vegetarian/vegan so I don’t have animals for meet I don’t believe in killing.
    I like animals but as my pets not for food.
    I grow food but I also collect wild edibles there is so much growing out there .
    I don’t smoke and don’t drink or do any any drugs I also do not drink coffee and try to avoid use things made from the industry I dislike to go to stores and my unlimited goal is to have not to go to a store ever again.
    I keep everything as small foot print as possible
    I have no electricity just a small solar system with 1 panel and no running water but there is water here with hand pump from well and there is also a spring.
    My idea would be just to go with daily light in future and have no a solar system at al as I feel this still as dependency.
    I am looking for a loyal man between the age of 35- 47 who does not smoke and drink is preferably vegetarian or do not mind to be one does not mind to give up convenience to archieve freedom to join me on this way of living and work together as a unit on a independent live style, you should like me not want to go work for money but convert your own time and put independency and your relationship with me as priority # 1 the same as I would do.
    You should have a clean record a passport or be able to get one with no issues if you are not from Canada.Also I am not religious but spiritual so should you.

    • Ari

      Hi , my name is Ari , iam 48 .. It sounds That we would be compatible . Please give more details . Email to discuss things in more detail. Iam a vegan also, no eggs or dairy.

  34. SolarisLove

    I have no idea about off the grid living but willingness to learn. I have been hoping to find a male life partner that was willing to live that way but had no luck, is there any communities that need an extra hand in Florida. I’m willing to bunk with other females that’s there to share responsibilities as well, sorry not looking to be a sister wife. I just want to live a healthy simple life, my yahoo is my profile name. Thanks in advance on any information that’s given on how or where in Florida I need to get started on the road to a life off the grid.

  35. klens99

    My name is Mike and I am a 21 year old male with the intent to live off-grid. The modern higher-schooling system and its loans are taking their toll. As a result, I intend to move, and hopefully live, off-grid ASAP. Looking ahead (especially at some friends and family), I see nothing but a never-ending cycle of consumption and profiteering which adds to environmental degradation and social incoherence. Simply put, ours has become a truly sickening world both mentally and physically.

    I, as a human being, do not want to live this way. I, like most people, feel caught in it. It’s like a violent, gravitational vortex.
    We have, as a culture, society, and species, become victims of circumstances that we ourselves have created both intentionally and accidentally.

    Luckily, more people are recognizing this and wish to change the state of their lives. My hope is that I can meet people of the same mindset, and around the same age, so as to tackle finding an off-grid place that is willing to have us. The more people the merrier (a group is always better).

    I am open to almost anything.

    Thanks, and good luck to those in a similar situation.

  36. ptkylady

    Hello everyone, My name is Paula and I am 46. I have been interested in living this life style for a wile. I am from KY and used to own a farm where we had horses and a very large garden. Where we canned a lot of our food. This life in the city just is not for me and I need to get back what is important in my life. I am going to need help doing this but from what I can see there is a lot of people wanting to live off the grid just the same as me. If interested in talking please email me at

  37. Dust

    There’s a small Virginia group still active with a perfect hidden farm and mostly off-grid seeking members … looking for decent, solid people without drug or mental issues or drama but with some minor skills at least or alittle self-sustaining income…escape the rat race…quiet….rolling countryside in farming area 18 minutes to a nice town with all amenities south of Lynchburg….digging in for the long haul…smallish RV would be perfect or one of those pre-fab HomeDepot/Lowes 10 x 12 sheds make cozy living quarters…they have projects ranging from solar to gardens to a desire to start aquaponics….female owned property…women encouraged…johncarter888 at hotmail dot com

  38. Inthewoods

    Open minded mid 40’s guy that would like to get back to a self sustaining lifestyle. Grew up on a rural farm in Kentucky and couldnt get away from it all as a teenager-time and the rat race have taken their toll and I long for simpler times. I would enjoy talking to any other people who are living this life or are trying to get back to it. Quiet, bi, , sometimes shy, down to earth, thinker…not afraid of hard work.

  39. PNeher

    Been off-grid for years and years. Time to move to city where there is a hospital. So have 43 – 138 acres and cabin, garage, out buildings, all available. Up high in the forest at 8500 feet. Northern Mora Co., NM.
    perfect for vacationing or year-’round living. Fishing, hunting, hiking, mtn biking, horses, etc.

  40. j carter

    Hi I’ve been living off grid for 3 years, on southern Oregon/ northern California border close to Pacific crest trail.I’ve had various and receive a government check every month for the rest of my life, looking to meet people who are tired of living the typical ways of society and ideological ideas of’s amazing going from living in society to living in nature and all it’s wonders after time nature speaks to you if you listen.if this sounds like the type of life your interested in,and tired of rush hour traffic, doing job that you waste your time making someone else rich, paying rent or house payment and throwing your money away.anyway my point being your life was not meant to live that way.enjoy all the spectacular things nature has to offer, if you are interested in learning how to enjoy the simple things send me a message at and to all those who are off grid “good on ya”

  41. Gwenie

    I see some people posting on this site to contact them on on whatever, but they leave no email address – how is one suppose to contact them? thanks

  42. Chel

    Hello everyone wanting to go off-grid,

    I just purchased 36 acres in central Missouri – 2 miles west from the Lake of the Ozarks. I am reaching out to people who want out of the rat race of consumerism to help form a community to survive and flourish. If you are interested – contact me

  43. ShirleyT

    Anyone interested in buying my “Trace Micro-hydroelectric Power Plant, it has an U2624 50 hz Series Inverter -24 Volt 2600 Watt; Unit in excellent condition-never used. I’m asking $1,500 for it.

  44. markp1950

    _Hi! I’m 18, i was wondering how do i even go
    -about telling my parents i want to live off grid? –My father never takes me seriously about these things.
    Ok, you’re 18. An adult in many ways. Make plans to do it yourself. Maybe you can show your parents a better life. Start planning. The better the plans, the better chance of success you will have.

  45. oshey7890

    I am looking for a BOL in New England. I am retired and living on a farm in Va. but my wife wants to be closer to the kids and grand kids in eastern CT. I have many skills and knowledge on subjects useful in homesteading. I have lived off grid for several years, and want a BOL for when the S.H.T. F. Email me at, or call me at 336-877-6143

  46. teamselection

    During the American Revolution, the active forces in the field against the King’s tyranny never amounted to more than 3% of the colonists. Three percenters today, for the most part, identify with this 3% because they were true patriots fighting for the freedoms the nation we love and honor was founded on. Three percenters intend to maintain their God-given natural rights to liberty and property. History itself, for good or ill, is made by determined minorities. Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed citizens to change the world. Indeed, it has never been done otherwise.
    looking for a group of like minded individuals to go off the grid and train. We are going to see a change like no other with in the next 10 years. You need to be prepared. I will teach you how to hunt, survie, small arms tactics and much much more. Are there any 3% out there ?

  47. aprilrdanielson

    My Name is April Danielson I am one of my family of three that is looking at going off the grid but would like to make connections and come see how some people have done it. If your willing to open you home or community to a vistor or even just have general advice from getting started to staying established we are willing to advice from every one. Please email me at thanks


    Hey Family Of 4 here. My Name is Amanda I’m 28 My husband Rick is 31 and I have 2 small children my son is 3 and my daughter is 5. We are looking to live off grid. email me
    we are fun people, we like to fish and other outdoors activity’s. looking for a family friendly environment and should be some where close so my husband can find work or we will work and contribute for shelter.

  49. poriet

    I live in the UK and would like a copy of Rosen’s book. I can get a copy for$1 on Amazon: P&P another $25. Would anyone be able/willing to sell me a copy and send it. I don’t believe it’s necessary to spend $25 to send it privately ( I could be wrong )

    • WrethaOffGrid

      What about buying the digital ebook on Amazon, you can read it on your computer or tablet (you don’t need a Kindle)…


  50. MoonValley

    Please check out my post. I have a unique off grid type experience in Ecuador. :-)

    Thank you.

  51. gb

    I am a Robin Hood of the Forest, where are all of the merry men and women? Lets go to the deep forest and fend for ourselves!!! I have all and more of the necessary gear and knowledge, I will teach you!! email me soon ~

  52. bb_critterkeeper

    Hello, everyone. I’m looking for someone (or a community) who has land and would be interested in sharing. I’m a 35-year old Army veteran and my father lives with me. We’re both ‘jack-of-all-trades’ with a broad variety of skills including (but not limited to) gardening, animal husbandry, building, vehicle maintenance/repair, and excellent problem solving skills. Both of us have clear backgrounds, are hardworking, intelligent and easy-going. I’ve travelled across the globe and have a wide array of experiences, and am CPR/ combat lifesaver certified and good with kids too. We’ve both always worked our tails off just to keep our heads above water the ways we’re “supposed to” and want to escape the crappy rat-race we’re stuck in! Both very open and easy-going; we can work happily with people of just about any lifestyle or belief as long as we’re left to our own in that arena. Very adaptable.
    We’re in eastern WA and would prefer WA/OR/CA/ID but are open to any possibilities. We have very little savings, so can’t invest $, but will work either on the land or in a nearby town/city as available.

    • Virgil Anderson

      Have. 60 acres. In s Dakota need caretaker 309-253-1682

  53. gb

    Hi, I am looking to go into the remote wilderness and build a cabin. Live stress free and off the grid 100% live off the land. I have all of the skills, gear, knowledge and experience. totally off grid outdoorsy person wanted: I will tech you everything. Thanks

  54. shantelle

    My family is from TN. We are looking to find a small of the grid community. It doesn’t have to be religious. If it was… Interested in the Hebrew roots or reformed church. Mainly looking for trade and a supportive community. We are in our 30 and have four kiddos. We are currently practicing for the real off the grid life. We garden, have chickens, husband has experience in electrical and solar. We are looking for land with a spring, creek, wooded area and grass field. Need it to be affordable being we are not financing anything. Thanks and hope you all can point me in the right direction.

  55. tribe of juda

    Hello is any one interested in moving to takeetna alaska? We have found 5 acres there off the beaten trail . We also have some really good ideas as far as year round farming green housing ext! We are up in age a bit so it would be fun to meet up with younger people.

  56. BobbyKorona

    today 7/9/2014 hauled 5 loads of pallets onto my property these are the large 4ft x 8ft …. perfect for my pallet structure ….I am thinking 8 x 12 feet with a loft with a loft for the bed….
    If you are within 50 miles of Bunnell Florida and want to attend a free pallet workshop …contact me…my Green Belt was approved July 1 ….and have several other projects …… need a hatchery for my fish next….. set up the solar panels…. get ready for Agritoursim workshops….. and fee fishing …….. my e-mail…. …..don’t be a stranger……

  57. jn_km

    Hi all, I’m in Jacksonville, Florida, 30 yr old female wanting to live off the grid in a year. I have asthma and am allergic to cats and dogs so I can’t live with them. I am passionate about connecting with others who are tired of working, money and being around non-like minded people. I am hardworking, work as a graphic designer, and attend survival webinars. I don’t have much training in actual off-grid living, but I am responsible and would like to connect and eventually live with others possibly in Florida first, then perhaps settle elsewhere that is warm, i.e. California. Email me at

  58. arh420

    I’ve been dreaming of a nomadic life ever since I can remember. I’m 21 and definitely ready to make the change. I’d like to find a small community or group or even just a friend to begin this journey with. I want to travel a lot. I have a dog who will most definitely be accompanying me as well. I’m interested in countless places. I just wish I knew where to start!

  59. J

    Interested in change of lifestyle. Looking for others of like mind to learn the ropes. Interested in a community type situation as I have little experience. Must be serious and trustworthy. I need to raise my children in a good stable environment with those of good character. Looking to possibly join a family-oriented group who loves music and nature. Very interested in California as possible home.

  60. phoenix2014

    Hi all’
    Just joined..I have 80 acres of bush and meadow in central Saskatchewan I am trying to get onto. Started a bunch of nut and fruit trees this summer, have some fencing done, but I am both old and have some problems with arthritis making things difficult to do. No buildings on land, but there is a small pond which has never run out of water. It’s got a fair bit of duckweed on it at the moment..I wouldn’t want to use it for a household but it’s perfectly fine for livestock and gardens.

    I would love to have people come and live there with me and learn about permaculture in exchange for helping me with building a straw bale house and greenhouse. You would need to bring or build housing..whatever kind you wanted, except no McMansions and it would have to have a composting toilet arrangement of some sort. Cob might be a problem as our summer is pretty short to have it dry enough before winter though.

    Projects such as a market garden which generate money would be profit shared just as the work is shared. but in the meantime there are lots of jobs in the area. I am not offering money of any sort, don’t have it to offer. :)

    It’s often very cold here in the winter and sometimes the summer is very short.. The water table is high enough on the land that digging a well would be feasible, but catching rain should provide all the water needed, this is an area of fairly high rainfall.

    The property is lovely and quiet but still only a mile off a paved (but bumpy) road, 10 minutes to a village, 10 minutes to a resort area on a lake, and half an hour to a town of about 15 000 (growing like crazy.)

    Just starting to plan a pallet building which I may need to live in next winter or otherwise might be a tiny cabin OR a big chicken house.:)

    Wildlife around here is mostly deer, moose and elk, someone spotted a bear last year, lots of coyotes. Scuttlebut says there are wolves but I don’t believe it.

    I would like the place to be as self sufficient in food and shelter as possible but I’m not into the isolation gets lonely. especially in winter. The original dream was for maybe two or three families but not many people are into living in Saskatchewan it seems..and a few who did want to come wanted to come for the wrong reasons. (My 15 year old son is a cocaine addict, I want him to be away from those friends and force him to learn how to work)..(I’ll just keep this stallion in with a single strand of electric fence, he’ll be fine. ) Not here, you won’t.

    There IS a pond, and some barbed wire fence and so forth, so anyone with small children need to be aware that living off grid and on farm involves potentially dangerous situations for small children especially. That said, children have been raised in such situations for millenia without any major problems.

    I am dwelling a little on the negatives as so many people just “want to get away from it all” and haven’t really thought it through as to what that actually means. The ticks here in the spring were a shock even to my system and I grew up on a farm!

    Anyway, if anyone is interested and would like to discuss further give me a shout and tell me about yourself (yourselves) , you’ve no idea how happy I would be to find compatible people who would like to have a place to learn and live and love the land in exchange for helping to make projects happen.

  61. LizKay07

    My name is Elizabeth and I am a single mother.My son is 5 years old and I don’t want to see him corrupted and burdened with the soiled, corruptible, materialistic viewpoints that have been instilled throughout generations. I am thinking large scale community!! I’m thinking a vast area of single-family cottages, gardens and plots of land for organic food …. modern day farmland meets early Native American living…. I was a nurse for 4 years but decided to leave when my private practice was taken over by Corporate. I currently work for a local building company so that I can learn to design and find the most comprehensive and structurally functional designs for my big plans. I cannot do this alone and we will need many people with different areas of expertise to get this 5 year plan rolling. Let us show our love for the Earth, for one another, and let us flourish so that we may show the world. We shouldn’t live off of the grid; we should RECLAIM the grid. Not in ownership, but partnership. This soil is not to be owned, it is to be loved. Let us find our Deeper Roots!!

  62. Mandymod

    I was hoping someone might have success stories to share about their experiences living off the grid with children. My husband and I are looking to change our lives and hoping to home school and work via the internet. We are currently in the process of simplifying our lives and getting rid of a lot of possessions that are anchoring us down. We currently live in Maryland, but would like to be some place warmer. We are considering everything from small farms to earthships to houseboats to RV living. What has worked best for people with children? How have people managed financially? We want to make this dream a reality.

  63. stevew07

    Looking to find some information on how to live off grid…..I live in the UK, but happy to live anywhere? Any information would be great : ))

  64. BobbyKorona

    Hi to all…From Bunnell Florida… the secret to off grid in Florida is get your GREENBELT classification…..with that and the right to farm are….exempt from local code…and under state control……with out those forget any thing ..electric…water…sanitary…solar… or land use…..would like to hear from you…..

  65. HornerWV

    I have 34 acres of wooded land, free gas and near the large lakes. It in WV zip code 26372. Georgetown RD to 15/1 and you are very close. I am open to a direct sell for 80 K . I am also open to suggestion on doing something with the land if I have a group of people or one that has some $ to spend. Zillow dot com

  66. OregonHiker

    Hello from the Western part of the Country.. I am going Off Grid and Leaving Society all together .. No car , no anything.. I am going to head into the Remote Wilderness and build a secret cabin on a stream and live in peace and happiness forever … I have ALL Of the skills needed and much more.. I have done this before and it was just lonely after a while .. I am looking for anyone willing to travel out nowhere and live… I will Teach you everything you need to know. You just need to get some gear and sell off everything else …
    I have spent years finding the perfect remote spot btw

  67. Melinda

    Do you feel like you’re trapped in the Matrix? Living a life that was constructed for you out of lies, sinister intent, propaganda, illusions, contrived by greed. Are you desperate to start living life in a more meaningful way? Then let’s get out of the Matrix and be free! My family of 5 is looking for serious like-minded individuals and families to commit to building a self-sustaining community with us in beautiful British Columbia, where the climate is mild (we are known for having the best climate in all of Canada) and the soil is rich and fertile, perfect for farming and raising livestock. We are looking for approximately 20-25 landbuddies to invest $20-25K in jointly purchasing 160 acres of land. We have our eyes on a couple of properties already and need the funds to secure it asap as land is in demand in BC. Our aim is to leave the city by July/August 2014. Please contact Melinda at for more information. Together we can be FREE!

  68. OregonHiker

    Hello from the Western part of the Country.. I am going Off Grid and Leaving Society all together .. No car , no anything.. I am going to head into the Remote Wilderness and build a secret cabin on a stream and live in peace and happiness forever … I have ALL Of the skills needed and much more.. I have done this before and it was just lonely after a while .. I am looking for anyone willing to travel out nowhere and live… I will Teach you everything you need to know. You just need to get some gear and sell off everything else …
    I have spent years finding the perfect remote spot btw

  69. fozieg

    I am 49 yr old mother of 3 sons. We lost everything in Hurricane Katrina 8.5 yrs ago. My fiancee and I have torn down my home ourselves and then we have been rebuilding on our own. Our home is considered a Platinum LEED home with R65 walls which can withstand 300 mph winds. We would like to go totally off the grid but need more knowledge. We have the agriculture part and the water purification down pact. I would like more assistance on Solar Power, Solar Water heaters, and small wind turbines for multiple purposes. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  70. brett

    i have 10 acres near sweetwater tn for sale ,can send pick and info
    contact me at

  71. melissanorris84

    I’m looking for like minded people who would want to be involved in my vision, add to it and turn our dream into reality. Ideally I’d like 10 acres of wooded land anywhere in the world. Start by building a water bottle home, as it was the first to spark my imagination. Then build other structures in the area such as Cobb “cabins”, outdoor community Cobb ovens, maybe a couple simple tree houses, and tipi’s. Dig a well for water, collect rainwater and Grow our own organic garden, raise our own chickens and harvest our own fish. Use solar panels for energy and live 100% self sustainably. The idea is to turn this enchanted magical space into a village or community of like minded people or even part hostel for travelers.

    I’m easy-going, positive and hard working. I have a passion for travel and experience and try to practice living in the NOW with a YES philosophy on life. My outlook on life is that we are here to enjoy it, find what makes you happy and go for it. My dreams and desires have changed throughout the chapters in my life and I now desire more than anything to get back to the basics and find peace with life and nature.

    Easy-going, laid back, hard working responsible people alike is what I’m seeking. With more hands on deck and creative minds combined this dream can quickly become our reality. My email is

  72. jeffriscone

    I am Andrea 44 years old , northern Italy born , I am on travelling and have been and lived in different places off-grid farm and not in Finland , England , US (Georgia) actually I am in New Zealand.
    I am tired to move I am looking for a partner woman or community in US, southern states where I can stop and build up my life together.
    Please write at

  73. wreckerhaters

    Hi everyone me and my husband and daughter of 9 are looking for a better life for ourselves and for our girl the world is going to hello in a hand basket, I have a Med. Degree and my husband of 30yrs can build a house from the ground up and can do Irrg. and also automotive too so we are looking for a places off the grid sowhere close to Ala. if there is some one out there that is willing togive us a chances to help out for a place to live please contact us @ 727-967-3157 or email us @ we’ll work hard for everyone in and around us.

  74. michelle38

    Forgot to place email address

  75. michelle38

    Greetings Everyone, Up late looking on eBay among many other sites for owner financed properties Our dream is to GO OFF GRID! We want to homestead our power by solar,wind turbine, also raise chickens for eggs as well as free range chickens for food, raise goats for cheese/milk, we also want to keep honey bees. we are looking to garden on a Large scale so that we Can our food as well. We have been searching for the right property for almost 4 years now & still haven’t found the right property or place to call home. We currently reside in Expensive Southern California, which we are eager to Pack our things & go wherever this life takes us! We make our own All Natural Products Body soap,dish soap,laundry soap,vegan lip balm,deodorant, Lotion, Bath salts,body wash,tooth paste, bath Bombs,body butters,candles,incense, shampoo, conditioner & shaving cream. We are a hardworking couple, very clean,down to earth, looking to till up there ground and change our lives for the better.We have a vision of living fully sustainable living happy mentally,physically and emotionally. We are looking for like minded people who have this same vision or who would like to give us in-put, advice or give us information on off grid communities.
    Thank you All

    • WrethaOffGrid


      Be very careful about buying land through ebay, it can be done, but you must have boots on the ground, in other words, make sure you physically walk the property, never buy sight unseen, make sure it’s a good and legit deal, check out the legalities, make sure the person selling the land actually owns the land, make sure there are no liens, make sure all taxes and any other fees like that are paid up and current, make sure you are buying the property you are actually looking at… I have spoken to people who purchased a lot (out of a bunch of lots for sale) only to discover later they didn’t buy the piece of property they thought they were, a bait and switch operation, it’s really bad to find out AFTER you have started making improvements and building on it that you are on the wrong property. If you do your homework and are cautious, you can find good deals on eBay. Good luck :)


  76. rleefireman

    My wife and I are looking for people who are off the grid to tech us the right way to do this I’m a good worker please help

  77. ajcarpy2005

    Live in Des Moines, IA 50317

    I’m a Transhumanist and Futurist.

    I am looking to go off-grid. Possibly moving to Oregon in 1-2 years. I want to build a fully self-sustainable food and energy system. It will use aquaponics, permaculture, passive cooling, earthship principles, solar pV, solar air, solar water, rainwater recycling, and alternative construction designs such as strawbale.

  78. sellingourlife

    Ever wanted to just walk in to a ready-made off-grid lifestyle? Here is your chance. Our 25 acre homestead in Nova Scotia is already set up with off-grid power & water, organic gardens, and all the equipment and tools you need. We’ll even throw in our food stores! Included in price is a further 100 acres close by, ideal for firewood, hunting, or to build a remote cabin. Also included is 150 acres in Northern Ontario. Unique opportunity. $399,000 Canadian. Check out the details at

  79. jelaniasim

    okay so here it goes! i am looking to go off grid myself but in the state of Ga! Why i would like to stay here well its mostly because of family and my church although we that are all on the site know that will be a distant memory probably in the next ten or twenty years if we have that! I have been looking at the truth may scare you from 1 through 15 and about the collaspe of the dollar and where that could end up!! but mostly i have been lead here because of the job situation and wanting a better way of life. Not knowing what is in our food can hurt us and is if we do not know what is really in it! I will be selling my home come march 1, 2014 and will be looking for some land and would like to be near or around like minded people who have skills to bring to the table. I am a veteran who has spent many years out in the field in the military and although i should have more prepared sometimes it takes a rock to hit us in the head before we wake up and see the signs but if we are wise and read the bible and do not let tv cloud our minds and put us in a zombie like state we will see what is going on. look to hear from those who are in GA. At least growing your own food you know exactly what you are eating and where it came from. Getting together with neighbors who may or may not have what you have and trading skills or services. At least that is how it was in the old days.

  80. C24

    Hi everyone, from SC 24 yr old guy ready to set out on a nomadic journey not too far removed from the journey Christopher Mccandless(Into the wild)took. Ive been tiptoeing around the idea of living a nomadic life since I was a child. Ive held a job working part time at a gym working to get my personal trainers certification. I decided that personal training wasn’t what I wanted so I quit. I decided that I wanted something else. I feel like my soul is telling me to get out there, just get your @$$ out there! and see what happens, face your fears and see where that journey takes you. The problem is, I don’t feel like I can do this thing alone and no one around here is crazy enough or they simply have too many obligations. Ide like to just let go and take off one day. I run marathon distances everyday averaging 140-150 miles a week. I also do a lot of bodyweight and strength training that I learned from the Army. No need to sugar coat this. I’m not looking to stay stuck in one place doing the same stuff everyday, im not looking to enjoy the daisies(maybe a little). Im in this for the thrill of Adventure and not knowing “what will happen”. ;) It is what it is, and if it ends “badly” the universe will move on, as always. :)

  81. pameleviv

    Hy everyone, greeting from northern Utah. I am looking to get somewhere with clean air, not too hot or too cold. I’m down to a car and a storage unit of stuff I can do without. Currently living with a family in exchange for helping around the house, but they are more materialistic and wasting than I want to be. Would like to find like minded people in a community or starting one where I can contribute som e of my book knowledge and learn more! I’m 63 retired and ready to live! I don’t have money to buy land, but have subsistence income.
    My email is

  82. ADawson05

    Hey my name is Alex. I’m currently living in Maryland but I’m ready to move one and live on God’s green earth. I’m looking to land to live on I am fine with keeping to my self. But if some need help on there home stead I am more then willing to work as long as I have somewhere to live. I can make may own shelter but will never turn down help.


  83. Drew

    In SoCal and looking for like minded good people with only positive intentions. We do not judge beyond that. We have secured several properties that either need help working, setting up communities. Some properties need a commitment and some you can come and go as you please. Also still looking for more land, to set up, working community farms/cottage based industries. If you bring money, materials, equipment, or work, you will easily be able to secure land rights and a fair living income. Trade and share knowledge Freely for the benefit to all. I am just one of many, check me out at or I will put you in touch with the right people. We are also always accepting donation to put towards the lands. We only work with the land, not only organic but natural is a must. Blessings.
    email contact

  84. sjfuller

    Hello Everyone
    Looking for like minded people who are done with this nasty materialistic world. Looking to go off grid in or around March. Looking to buy some property in N.Arizona. My dream is to live one with nature completely off grid! With Positive people, hardworking people, determined people, open minded people, good hearted people. Kinda want to start a cool little hippie commune. Im 33 single female with children who are on the same page. I will be doing this regardless. it has been my dream for the last 2 years. But it would defanitly be alot funner and easier with like minded people. I am a jack of all trades master of none lol. Doesnt matter what skills one has if your determind and hard working things will get done! Our journy is all about learning and figuring things out right! Soo if anybody has any ideas or would be interested in doing this with me please email me at Peace

  85. scubafish714

    Hello everyone! Im 21 year old single female from Southern California currently living and working (scuba diving) in Thailand. I’ve thought about living off the grid for 6 years now. The past year is the when I truley started considering it and am trying to gather my resources. In a perfect world I think I would marry some one who wanted the same, stay here in Thailand and some where every close to the ocean. Even though I want to do this, some day I still wasnt a family and I think it would be a great way to raise kids. I dont think I know many skills that would be really useful but I can always learn, I do know how to cook, fish, garden and some sewing. Im looking for tips and resources from other people and their opinions. Email me if you have any thoughts!!!!

  86. CrashTO

    up in ontario, canada
    how’s it goin, eh
    i see a lot of off gridders in america, are there any further north?
    i was camping on crown land last year, and next year i would like to take it one step further and totally get off grid
    any suggestions on how to initiate a little commune or something?
    greatly appreciated :)

  87. mastn

    In TN. 3/4 Mile of river frontage, 2 springfeed YURTS, 80+ Acres for hunting. This is an unbelievable off the grid property and it’s for sale.

  88. Don Russell

    I have lived in a van for 2 years. I got a Filipina, we used school loans, grants, scholarships to fund our buying a big old house (I’m a vet, no down payment needed) and now we clear 50k a year from the house and a little “side” biz that I run from it. We lived in a pair of mini-vans during those 2 years, with a public storage unit holding the rest of our stuff. “Teacher” grant and wavier of instate residency (normally one year) got us started. :-)First year, I spent getting my wife her GED, while i “took” her online classes for her. :-) Now my wife has a state job that will lead to a Federal job (guaranteed) at a clear 40k per year, pension after 20 years, full medical, etc.

  89. Brother Randy

    Hello, I’m a Ordained Non-Denominational Messianic Follower of the way. I Pray the Seven Holy Hours, Reading from the book of psalms 7 times a day. And read the Old and new Testament three times a day, plus morning and evening prayers. And devoted my life to serving God. I have given up my positions of property, keeping only what I feel necessary in order to survive. I have done Weddings. I am seeking a small piece of land to live on. Preferably private, wooded to use for heat and cooking and fresh water, yet some what close to town for supplies. I have no income but can offer my services in exchange. ” Website ” Plus I will be applying for early pension on Nov. of 2014, so that will help. Elohim (God) bless. Devoting my life to prayer and Worship of yahweh, yeshua and ruach hakodesh.
    Brother Randy

  90. Freeman015

    i discover this site while listening to “coast to coast” on YouTube. I sign up right away. I’m looking to buy a piece of property in the “EAST TEXAS” area. I can pay 1000-1500/acre for up to 10 acres. I prefer the land have running water, little to no restriction. I can pay a bit more if owner financing is available but would rather pay cash and stay withing my budget. If you or know anyone who have land for sale in the east texas area please email me and we can take the next step. (

  91. JBsCabin

    Greetings everyone, just signed up. I live in a gorgeous paradise in MT, on 20 acres at 6k’, full time trout stream, bordered on two sides by NF, and a very nice log home, garage, sauna, streamside patio, RV shelter……..and I’m looking to sell and relocate to another location. Let me know if what I have interests you…… JB in MT

  92. finallyfreetobe

    Wow..lots of typos guess I was a bit excited:) hopefully the right people got that

  93. finallyfreetobe

    We are in Colorado springs looking for an established community or other families like minded to start one. We gave up our house sold everything and moved in our 5th wheel with our house4kids that I homeschool. He is working and we are saving like crazy with our only bills being lot rent at an rv resort and phone.. we own everything we have and owe no one.. we both grew up gms and own everyare no strangers to hard work. I have a medical background and the hubs is currently doing directional drilling but he also welds, has cdl, can do any handy man work you can think of ..we both hunt, fish, garden, and enjoy making things we need with what we already have. We are raising our kids to work as hard as we do and understand the sacrifices we are making to be able to live the life we desire.. we all love animals! We picked Colorado springs because of its beauty but because we can also grow our herbal meds. If there are any families here or a community who has what we are looking for email me. We cherish our tight knit family and have already made many steps preparing ..

  94. heal2day

    Ready and willing to go off grid NOW..
    Looking for place or people to go with
    Have some experiences with gardening, canning, goats, chickens,
    Serious people please reply to

  95. davidlee

    I am mid 50 yr sgl male looking to share interest in off grid land in central usa to purchase and homestead.

  96. thunderseed

    Im a 25 year old female. I do a lot of extreme wilderness camping. My dream is to start a non-profit charity Wilderness Camp to help troubled youth, on Vancouver Island near Courtenay. I need lots of people to help out and I also need land near a body of water (river/lake/ocean) for water tours, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.
    It will be a spiritual (all faiths welcome but I have a lot of connections for native cultural workshops an sweatlodges to offer) nature retreat, off the grid, with adventure tours, workshops to teach youth how to live healthy and get back to nature and I want it to be open YEAR ROUND. Yes, even during the cold snowy winters :) I have a friend who teaches Sled Dog School!
    We will need vollunteer counsellors, addiction counsellors, advanced first aiders, tour guides, someone who owns a boat and can sail youth around all the islands, youth outreach workers and cooks, as well as people who genuinly share my passion for working with youth and would like to live there full-time. It will be open all the time so we will have to live there all the time.

    Because I do not agree with the money system, I want this to be non-profit and as affordable as possible. It will weed out those who are only working for the money too.
    I want it to be FREE for youth to come anytime they want. I don’t want to make any money but I want us all to be able to survive comfortably. I hope to get many donations of sleeping bags and tents for youth who cannot afford to buy any.

    I hope to build CONCRETE cabins (through donation) for staff who live there and also small cabins for youth during winters and for those who need to be indoors for health reasons. Otherwise when its nice out, I want people to sleep outside in nature as much as possible! No living in boxes!
    Donations will not be going towards technology of any kind (like computers), because my dream is to escape from it and I think it is harmful to society and also it is unecessary expenses.
    I am hoping to live without Solar Power or Windmills, and live Off the Grid for real. We may have to conform to regulations for a big kitchen (and we may have to set up a running water system) because I hope to have great feasts (on some days youth can learn independent cooking and they will be supplied with propane stoves or cabin woodstoves) and feed everyone at once, but otherwise I want this to be similar to how they lived in the olden days. Simple and peaceful and healthy and a lot of good hard work.
    Ultimately, we will be living on nothing with hardly any conveniences and will have to enjoy extreme wilderness camping – roughing it as we may go on many adventures with youth!
    If you live in a cabin you can of course have whatever you want, but I still don’t like the idea of living with power of any kind. If it comes out of your own pocket you can do whatever you want, but off donations I hope to use as minimal costs for living expenses as possible. I may have to change my idea of cheap woodstove heat though because I don’t like the idea of cutting down trees. Unless we plant lots of trees :) Ideas are always welcome.
    We will also create a giant greenhouse and crops so that we can eat fresh and organic veggies and fruits. We will still need an income through donations so we can get more than enough food for everyone to eat.
    Ideas are welcomed from any of the staff and also if you have skills or teachings for youth you are more than welcome to offer classes.
    I am not picky and you do not have to be professional or have education, but you do have to want to be there for the youth. They will be troubled youth, that can mean they may have addictions to mental illness to criminal backgrounds. Youth don’t look up to professionals and frankly I disagree with the mental health systems. Youth look up to people who make spirituality and being healthly look fun and enjoyable and they connect to people they can relate to.
    So if this sounds like a dream come true for you as well, let me know!
    Hopefully we can find somewhere to make this dream become a reality!







  98. faetaa

    im 41 im not getting no younger and the world isn’t getting any better.ive tossed and turned at night cant sleep trying to make a decision .if someone called me and said its time or lets go im that seems there are quiet a few on here who are as ready as I am so I believe we can do this.and together it would get done im ready now today to relocate and help create or improve something that would help our lives and have our backs as well as we would yours we are good people we have a four wheel drive suv and a lot of other things and skills and trades to bring to the table for me im waiting for someone to say lets go that’s all I need if your as ready to do this as I am lets get together and get this done my email please asap

  99. offthegridder

    Hi all, enjoy having this site to read and learn of others striving to free themselves from the modern indentured servitude. We are located in a de-funk un-intentional community. While it is vast on wilderness and void community it is nice, and so much of human interaction is based on dependance on the fed reserve notes. I am not so sure that it is so bad that the community fell apart for the same old reasons many communities have failed. I had a satellite and net connection but decided to let go of that bill as was our goal to be free of bills or at least reduce those from too many to an annual tax bill. Ah free at last free from land ‘lords’ utility corporations ect… and wish all those who care to find there way a clear path to. Feel free to correspond but know that I may be delayed responding. Best 2 all, offthegridder.

  100. chefraye

    I would like somewhere west of the Mississippi River. I was thinking of Kansas or Nebraska or the Dakotas. The cold weather don’t bother me much. I will do this when I can afford to start it. I know that I won’t be able to afford the whole property by myself; that is why I was suggesting a campground. We could all own our own piece of it but still be like a community!

  101. Off-Grid Wanna B

    My name is Kimberly. I am currently looking for woman to share the dream of teaching others to live off grid. This would entail research and living all over the US (starting in Florida) and teaching others the tools in which to live off grid successfully. If you have an interest and have the freedom to live anywhere please contact me. Touch-For-Life@Hotmail.Com

  102. Longhorn

    Hi,my name is Brenda. My bff and I are like-minded in the spirit of off-gridding experiences. We have been looking for property north of I-20 & west of I-35. I have property that I would sell (along with a boat load of crap) in order to find a location to go off grid. I do own tools & hardware that I would be taking with me.

    We are looking for folks who would like to build in the same area so that we could lean on each other for support and ideals. We are both semi-retired and are looking for a new off-grid chapter in our lives.

  103. Freeman1776

    chefraye, your idea of buying a former campground sounds inviting considering we are full time RV’rs.
    Your post didn’t say where you want to do this. Please put more info for those of us that might be interested.


  104. Freeman1776

    We are a couple who live full time in a motor home in Texas. We are near Houston and closer to Conroe Texas. We would like to meet other people who want to live off grid and possibly join an established group that needs more people.

    We prefer to be with other preppers, but if you know of an inexpensive plot of land that we can rent or buy, we’d be interested in knowing about it. Ideally, we would like some place within about 1 to 3 hours from us unless there is a real great setup someplace that would be inviting enough to just make a permanent move someplace further.

    We are open to suggestions or ideas or invites by groups if you are seeking more people.

  105. Sweet Seep

    15 secluded acres in southwest MO with live water. 5th wheel rig set up with solar power. Outhouse and small shed. Wooded and open. Possible owner financing with down payment or collateral. Flexible payments, too. Give me some of your details and I’ll give you more of mine. Email me at I won’t reply to comments here. Thanx!

  106. wudavey

    looking for somewhere offgrid for a Taichi Bum to live a simple life in nature, growing food and teach internal martial arts and meditation.

    david 34 UK

  107. sawmunkey

    i just found this page tonight and registered heres is my offer in exchange for land 2 acres for my self i offer this to a community i can build you a complete stand alone power system fully capable of solar hybrid integration consumes no fuel and produces no by product designs for a 98% efficent housing large scale hydro and aquaponics farming food for the community and enough to fund the community i have heating and cooling plans that wold also be 100% natural
    i am a licensed master mechanical in my area also have off the grid security to protect resources would prefer some were close to a river i can also provide water production,storage, purification designs i have a complete compound designed that can sustain a rather large commuinty the design on the full scale takes up roughly 4 acres
    if anyone is willing to take me up on my offer please email me at

  108. Simpleman7903

    I’m buying 20 acres in northeastern Washington next spring to build me a cabin and work shop. I’m looking for a couple who would like to do this with me.

  109. serenesavage

    Namaste all my fellow like minded friends:)

  110. julian

    I am planning to build an off grid community in the philippines probably the first in the country. anyone wants to join me is welcome

  111. fsturgell

    Looking for land in Colorado’s Front Range to place a tiny house(s), preferably in the mountains.

  112. chefraye

    When I go off grid I will be buying a former campground or camp. I think that would be the best because it already has the basics setup: sewer and water! I would then offer to share with others with the like mind to go off grid! A lot of these places have cabins on them already so it would help to get started with living conditions.

  113. reb49

    This is a brand new Patriot Protest Song, with emphasis on The Economic Collapse. I made a long version & a shorter version for “air play”. I made this You Tube Wednesday night July24, 2013: Mouse Trap
    This is original material all copyrighted and written by me. It is fresh off the grill. I’m giving you permission to use this song anyway you choose. My intent is to share & spread the truth. Below is the Cloud link that contains the audio of the short & long version:
    Please give this a listen. It will be worth your time.
    Thank you,
    Ron E Bowman
    Navarre, FL

  114. Danielle

    Alex, good for you! My dream also, to be away from societies slavery. I’m closer than I used to be, rented apt, old car but, paid for. There’s still so many “just living” bills that at $15/hr (not too bad for the area I live in) I barely make it… How do you survive? Where does gas money come from and food? I keep wracking my brain for a online way to make some money but, can’t come up with any ideas. I need to believe in myself more. I’ve recently decided that to trust the universe to provide…you have to jump off the cliff first. (and I’m scared :))

  115. AlexRintala

    I’m looking for a community to be a part of or perhaps cheap land with good wooded growth and water nearby. I’m 28 and making some life changes. Have always wanted to be more self sufficient. I was working two jobs and last year purchased a nice Audi. Now this summer I’ve been realizing a lot more. I quit one job sold my car, quitting the other job in a couple weeks and then on to bigger and better more realistic things. I would much rather be out Living, and being free than just surviving in society for what? An expensive apartment and a nice car, no thanks. I would love to network with some people though, I know quite a bit about being off the grid. I’m sure I could learn more though and I’m ready to. For now it’s just me a little truck and a tent :)

  116. Danielle

    To Joe: Why are you selling? Is this what you do for a living, set up a “homestead” and then sell? Just curious… Or is living w/o a community too hard? This was my thinking and made me decide to look for a community or create one. This is the first time I’ve put the idea “out there” and it feels good. More post in appropriate areas later :)

  117. Joe

    Oh, and yes it’s for sale – 175,000

  118. Joe

    Off grid strawbale house on 29 acres at the end of the road. This is the perfect homesteader/ prepper/ self-sufficiency complete setup – a nice blend of pasture, timber, fertile bottomland, water, and seclusion. The pictures speak for themselves – check out the youtube video of the building process and the lifestyle that goes with it

  119. cloudrepair

    Looking for land iff grid in in coalville ut area

  120. kungfuyogidancer

    I am in Seattle – and want to get out of the city and go off grid. I’m looking for land to sublet, or lease to own, or buy a small portion of (an acre?), or people to buy with, or a community to join. I live as simply and off grid as I can in the inner city – grow and forage and store a good percentage of my food, and try to create sustainable living as much as possible… but I am only truly happy when out in nature connected to the land. I have been doing a lot of research and I think I would be happy doing this alone, or in community… Anywhere in Western Washington

  121. bpinmn

    New to this page but feel welcome!
    I read Nick’s book and loved it. We have had a partial off grid in northern MN for about 1o years.
    I have enjoyed reading how the younger kids are writing on here about being sick of high priced univ,. overpriced food, fake jobs and smiles. mindless people wondering around like zombies, well you kids got it…. let me tell you. If I would be thinking like some of you when I was your age wow. You are smart for wanting to go ‘off grid’ but yes, the thought can be scary. Especially when you are just starting out. I am hopefully in my last place of employment. I am looking at getting out of there really soon. I could stay there for many more years but no way.
    There is a lot of work to be done to even make our small place ready for off grid, but I will check back here as it sounds like a lot of good people visit this sight.
    Lastly, we have planted 10 apple trees a few years ago and it looks like the will produce this year. While I LOVE MN summers… winters are too long, dark and nearly unbearable. May search for a southern ‘off grid’ destination for the winter months.
    Peace and Namaste!

  122. Chickadee

    I am a 48 year old Woman with four grown children. My boyfriend and I are buying 10 acres in Western Texas. It is a little scary for me because I will be leaving my kids in Washington state, even though they are grown and tell me to go for it!

  123. Andrew Logan

    Transporting the water 5 gallons at a time reduces how much the water you can use, when we first shifted off lines, I would transport up 3 gallons of the water a day for 2 people, I was so grateful to get our basins plumbed and our the water aquariums set up, gradually we want to have a well, but for now, we complete a small container (300 gallons) and a large one (1550 gallons).

  124. rbonuc29

    i look at this project and i say to myself that total off grid is not a good idea but partial is. becuase total invites lonliness and sort of harder life. My feeling is naples, makes a great location for 50 50 people. You can pick up a ranchette for like 3 k. And do your thing but your 10 miles away from naples where you can work. This ten miles can be accessed easy by a electric golf cart. naples has a pop of 20 k. And the county has a pop of 300 k. Means plenty of space. And you can pick and choose what you want from modern life.

  125. nature111

    I am 32 year old male ,been different countries and had different lifestyles ,I want to go off the grid working the land and living of it ,I am single ,fit and hard working ,I am interested in somewhere in europe ,any help how to do this would be appreciated !

  126. Mikah247

    Hi! I’m 18, i was wondering how do i even go about telling my parents i want to live off grid? My father never takes me seriously about these things.

  127. diannamarsolek

    so we got our land and its 17 acres with a stream and a spring still looking for people diannamarsolek @

  128. mike-n-tammy

    hi we r looking for a place in pa to move soon. would like to start gardens n a cpl pigs this spring.hoping for 3 or more acres with fresh water. more open than wooded land. prefer near gamelands away from the natural gas wells. yet would like it within a hour n half of sayre,pa,as my son lives there.i am very handy,so if someone has a place they want to start raising things on again let me know. also would really like to meet other country/off-grid ppl to meet n exchange ideas. if we work together we could have more land also.

  129. jacquesjb

    I have a lovely location, 33 acres in SW Tucson, AZ that would make a very private and wonderful home, or site, for creative individuals – has an old home on it, water tank & well, for $125,000 USD

  130. jlsellscre

    Off the Grid Living at its best!!! “Where the pioneer spirit lives on.” Ready for your Hybrid Solar System!!!

    Located in north central Arizona outside of Snowflake AZ. Central to many of the regions attractions from the Petrified Forest to the North, to the forested White Mountains to the South… One of a kind 11.80 acre parcel!!! Bordering State Land, Stunning Land, Rock Formations and Views.

    At an elevation of 5,500’ with a mild four season climate and an average of 276 Sunny Days, and an Annual Average Wind Speed 15.90 mph. This property is ideal for a Hybrid Solar System!!!

    360 Ft. well offering a clean and safe water supply from the Coconino Aquifer, with Two 2,500 gallon storage tanks, Permitted septic tank, Propane, Telephone, 1613 Sq. Ft. Manufactured Home, Work Shop.

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