[before_listing images= youtube=null] Tired of the political, economical, hypocritical rat race. I have always been happier/healthier physically and emotionally whenever I was able to “live” in seclusion. For my own sanity I have been looking for a cheap parcel of land off the grid, I have found a couple that I am interested in. I have done a tremendous amount of research, I am excited but nervous at the same time only because I am doing this on my own which is always a little scary. I came across this website and thought maybe I would be able to find people with similar interests and possibly have suggestions on land and areas to avoid. Obviously my budget will significantly change, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on land right now. My ideal is to find a safe place to be able to learn and live off the land as much as possible, I have my own vehicle, 4×4 and will have a travel trailer. I am very artistic, I love re-purposing furniture that I can find either free or at places like the goodwill, I do 3-D art and enjoy making my own organic products such as oils/lotions and scrubs. I would love to be able to build a little shop, I have a vas array of tools that will be coming with me and just focus on my art. Periodically travel around to sell my pieces, basically becoming a transient vender. I prefer New Mexico/California/Nevada/Texas with a year round mild climate, I really don’t prefer cold weather but would be able to tolerate for a couple of months, I do well in a warmer climate[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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7 Responses to “Wanting to move ASAP”

  1. ethan

    Hello im Ethan, i live not far from where u are located. i live in Northeast Arizona. u can text or call me anytime 928-730-0305, i too em building an off grid house.

  2. wavy1953

    I like the Vagabond Convoy myself.

  3. Thomas

    hey, i would love to join you in this queste to find off grid living. email me and we can talk if you are interested in having a sidekick!!:)

  4. Paul

    Hello Dani, Have you found a place yet? Before I offered any land to anybody, I would need to have a transference of personal info, and live talking, to get an idea of compatibility. thank you, Paul.

  5. Acacia Mike

    Hi, Mike here. Might have two options for you. We are three people likely moving onto a property in Reeves County Texas, we have 10 acres free and clear about 1/8 mile from the Pecos River. If you want to experiment with off the grid living we could host you in a couple of monthsi if you brought your own camper or whatnot, when we get our own boundary survey. But you say you wanted seculsion I believe, we also have 22 acres more or less 6.3 miles North of the town of Presidio Texas and I can assure you that it is private and difficult to access, not mountainous but has no road, and the mesquites are large enough that the only was I can see you getting in there is by ATV. Its a unique, wetter cooler microcimate than the surrounding area, and there are mountains on 3 sides, it seems to me that even as Texas has gone through terrible droughts, this little patch of land drains what little rainwater there is onto the property which accounts for the mesquites. The property, being surrounded by mountains shows no sign of human habitation, not even so much as a telephone pole or coke can, it feels very much like the beginning of time. There is no boundary survey on it, but if you can lassoo somebody to do it my price of $8,000.00 I think is pretty reasonable for the 22 acres as compaired to neighboring land prices. I’d do a rent to own, modest payments, the sort of thing that if you didnt like it, you could walk away from with no continuing obligations. Let me know if this is of interest and I’ll send you info on it. Best of luck with your land search.

  6. Leo of Vedrica

    We are an intentional community located in the Banana Belt in Northern Idaho near Weippe. We do have winter but it’s pretty mild.
    See if you like it.

  7. Dani

    Can highly recommend living off grid :)

    Have you looked for (affordable) land in Terlingua, Texas?

    Dani (too)