Hi, I have a small piece of land near Rugby and am planning to build a small cabin 6m x 6m this summer, off-grid. Looking for help especially in woodwork and roofing. Place to camp and learn skills using recycled materials (mostly). I have lived off-grid in N. Spain so know the limitations. I am a young 63 year old vegetarian man with lots of travel experience globally. I do not want hanger-ons just people who want to contribute skills and have some laughs.

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6 Responses to “Wanna learn how to build off-grid?”

  1. JohnChippy

    Hi Mark.
    I like the sound of the project and have some relevant skills.
    I’m a 39 year old formwork carpenter by trade but I’ve done roofing and flooring and a few bits of 1st and 2nd fix. I’ve an allotment here in London but I’ve not done anything too unconventional with it. I’m a healthy vegetarian, almost vegan, very capable cook. I’m in good nick for my own age. Well travelled, avid reader, don’t watch TV. Lived almost off grid in Indonesia for a year. (Some foods were bought in.)
    Two of my current heroes are Wim Hof and Charles Dowding so that’ll give you some idea of what I aspire to…!
    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    • mark

      Hi John, thanks for your message. I have sent an email to your address from my riseup email..check your spam! Thanks, Mark

  2. Erik king

    I want to start over im 37 white man… I want to work the land and learn how to do it i have $$ and looking to go asap

  3. Cian Black

    i’m all for this i love the idea! i’m 20 and from ireland and just lookin to get away for a bit and ground myself, remind myself of what’s important, and get some hard work done along the way.
    email: cian.black@icloud.com

  4. Khalid9

    Hello, i am intrested in offering labor in exchange of your education on how to do it. i am willing to do any form of labor work, logging, gathering, fishing, hunting etc. i am a fast learner! am athletic male who was in bodybuilding. so i have endurance. also i am 21 year old guy 80kg 175cm. Get in touch with me via whatsapp +971503904562 or you can call same number. My email is khalidnujaidi@gmail,com

  5. khalid

    so i have always been a city person and online addict.
    looking to get off the technoligy life and money chasing life. i am intrested in what you have said.
    if were say to come live off grid would i be tought basic primitive way of living ? like gathering and building and cooking etc? looking forward to hear back from you.