hi there im someone a little bit crazy, but i believe that more and more im enjoying the decisions i have taken, its being a while for me to realize how i would like to live an off grid life and how it could be a sharing space, so far the place im in is not bothered by anyone and at the same time there is a good alternative community, we sometimes gather to do shamanic ceremonies, i believe there can be a middle way with off griding and i would like to meet you if that is also your believe, and above all my main aim is to live more connected to earth , to animals to plants and to people that have similar understandings. sharing is a wonderfull thing and i would love to share my space and life. my main knowledge is growing veggies and fruit trees and building tippies and earth houses, nothing fancy but what is needed

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5 Responses to “sharing a life of freedom and crazyness”

  1. Lu

    My partner and I are interested where are you located USA I would honor to live off grid and help out

  2. Sabrina Walker

    Hi im intrested in learning more about this. Email me at Sabrinawalker771@gmail.com

  3. Michel

    I think it would be helpful if you told us the general area you’re in.
    I myself am in Western Europe.

  4. Federico filigrana

    hello guys sorry for the late reply, im very happy you wrote and yesterday i read your first message but i was bussy on other things, i would be more than happy to talk with you a few times and let you know more about what i have in mind, there is land around here and at the same time there is a very lovely community not so much on the property but in acatitlan, i had done off grid my self in more issolated places and life taught me the lesson that is better when you are around people.

    you can reach me +529999006972

    or u can send me ur contact to get to know each other a little bit.

  5. Lem0705

    Hello my partner and I are super interested in learning more about your property and really interested in learning from you and your skills 🙏🏽