Hi, I am 32 years old female living in London already fed up with this lifestyle. I am looking for any help/advice how to go off grid living by myself or I can help any another small comunity as  well. If anybody wants to join me is more than welcome. I don`t mind to travel or change the location just to get more simple life and protect my mental health. Preferably woods or mountains area with a nature habitat would be great

Love and Peace

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5 Responses to “Off grid”

  1. Jay

    Hi Alison,
    just saw your post, was curious if you ever found anything. I’m a 34 year old male from Liverpool and (from reading between the lines) having similar battles to yourself.
    I just don’t feel like society was meant for me. It has made people greedy and cruel and ultimately it’s the land that suffers. I just want to go rural/live off the land with like minded people but approaching it seems the hardest part. What has your journey finding a way out been like?

  2. jj

    Hey Alison!

    I’m a tradesman in London, originally from Cape Town. My wife’s from New Zealand and we’re leaving for Bulgaria in October. We looked at Wales and the One Planet options but it’s quite a process and a big lead time. Can be doing something similar in BG and be up and running in months, not years.

    We have cash and a plan. Natural off frid living is our passion and we know it requires work and community.

    Many hands make light work and we’re open to partnering with people who have a good heart and are honest, reliable, hard working and know it takes more than dreams to make things happen.

    The permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and future care are our starting point.

    Email me at psyseas@gmal.com to set up a Zoom meeting. We can talk ideas and see if we’re on the same level.

    Best regards
    JJ & Nikki

  3. Freepaul6

    Hi Alison yeah I am looking for the same! I’m also in London and can’t wait to get away! I have a few plans/ideas but as you say its hard alone, I have lived off grid before but sadly it came to an end, I would be happy if you want to contact me and see what we can come up with! P…

  4. New Off Grid Community

    London! Wow… For help/advice, you have to tell us more about yourself. What skills do you possess? What is is that you seek? What type of home do you want to live in? What area of the world are you willing to travel to? Are you interested in a like minded community or to be on your own?

  5. Charles DeHart

    Iam in florida and looking fo the same i have a house but want to move to a new place and live off grid i know a lot about building and growing things i just want to get away and would be with some one email if you want to know more been looking at land already have a nice day