in my mid-50s, seeking 1 acre of land to build off-grid – a house, a greenhouse, some pasture chicken. Spent my life traveling. Lived in Asia, Europe…Am now seeking a peaceful, low-key existence with only minimal contact with the world beyond my 1 acre.

Not weird or anything, but I figure building a house, a greenhouse, and venturing into raising chicken and gardening would leave little time for socializing.

So if you have 1 acre to sell where there is no CC&R’s or HOA and I can build as I wish- a geodesic dome or Cobhouse or just put an RV on it, would love to hear from you.

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0 Responses to “Looking for 1 acre for Off-Grid”

  1. Dr Dew

    Northern Arizona has cheap land that is very secluded

    • Ahren

      Thanks Drew.

      I left a reply to another member in the comment section below. My response to you is the same.

  2. Lise

    Hi…why not come to Creston, b.c. and visit this beautiful valley…. we can talk about …and maybe look for an acre or two…..for more info email me…..vic_cec@shaw.ca……..I am interested in joining your venture….house, greenhouse, chickens, gardens, etc. Cecile

    • Ahren

      Hi Lise and everyone else reading

      Thanks for your invite. Am a woman – though very capable of building things, even a geodesic home, on my own because I know how to rig mechanical leveraging to do all the heavy lifting for me. But, nothing would give me more pleasure than to be a part of a little community with like-minded people.

      Unfortunately, it looks like current events will make things much more difficult for me. I currently live in a Midwestern cosmopolitan city. The lockdown. The scare. Multiply all that by the fact that I am ethnically Asian. It seems like it will be a long time before the scare, the paranoia, the psychosis will fade. I respect the peoples and the values of rural North America – USA and Canada alike and will not inject my controversial self into their midst. Seems like my dream of a peaceful off-grid, self-reliant existence is off the tables. Being American, there really isn’t anywhere else I can go. I wouldn’t culturally get along in any other country, even if the people of that country “looked like me”.

      Be safe and healthy, everyone.

      • TheGreenLife

        Ahren, I wanted to say: don’t give up on your dream. Yes, everything is difficult now – but as long as you are healthy, anything is possible. Now more than ever, the way off grid is the way to live. I have been working on going off grid since 2017 – only now, in the middle of the pandemic, this dream is coming to fruition and I am leaving for New Mexico in two weeks. As a first generation female immigrant, I 100% feel the comment regarding your ethnicity. However, this country and its people have shown me time and time again that for every racist there is a thousand good men and women. You will be ok!
        I move into my rental tiny home the last week of April, and plan to look for a permanent home a week later. Depending on the acreage I am able to get, I would consider having a “tenant” (hate this word)…but would prefer to simply have a friend and maybe form a small co-op. Something like this:
        So, if you would like to stay in touch, shoot me an email: lifeohlife@protonmail.com
        Take care!!

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