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  • in reply to: EMF Pollution from neighbour's solar panel system1 #67240

    Just my opinion but I think you are being overly concerned about solar panels and here is my reasoning

    solar panels produce a DC current and I have never ever detected any EMF from a DC source Im pretty sure you need
    AC to produce a EMF.

    now chances are they are also going to have an inverter which converts DC to AC and this will probably produce some
    EMF but if you are a decent distance away it would be negligable, nothing compared to what a normal AC wired home will
    subject you to.

    so the question is is the home you want to buy wired for AC? another question you probably need to look at
    is what are the building codes if any for the area most that I know of specify high voltage AC.

    Now I agree with avoiding EMF that is just one reason to be off grid and on a low voltage DC power source
    but I think your being a little over the top sorry.

    in reply to: DIY 100 hour candles #67227

    here is how i make improvised oil lamps im trying food grade mineral oil right now and it seems to work pretty good as well

    for off grid lighting these types of lamps are great because you can use so many different things as fuel

    here is a good link with a few pics about betty lamps/grease lamps



    in reply to: Talking of the Good Life #67209

    I used to love that show

    in reply to: Is Everything Old, New Again? #67156

    I loved the read thank you.

    Simple answer from me is that i do want many of my modern convieniences even luxuries i dont despise other humans

    i just want to be able to provide for my needs without depending on a complex web of production and distribution

    to do that its pretty much a definite that you will need to move to where there are less people

    I read something once where it said its a feeling of acomplishment older than dirt to be able to

    bring meat to the table with a bow an arrow you have built yourself. this is very true and i think says a lot about why

    being of grid is interesting to me


    in reply to: If you are reading this you are not off grid! #67147

    LOL bet the OP does not come back , how rude and misguided he must be

    To me off grid is simply not having to rely on power, sewer and water companies

    not to mention food producers  to live. disapearing from the world is not

    what i envisage being of the grid to mean.


    Ill make the boast that i am one of very few who probably could go it like the op is

    suggesting but i know enough that i dont realy want to.

    sayonara OP if you ever do make it back you will never admit to having been wrong.



    in reply to: I'm logged in but the forum says I'm not #67116

    i dont know why but i have tried what you suggested on general discussion an it did not work
    but it seems to work here

    in reply to: Where to live off the grid? #67090

    where are you now?

    in reply to: NE Nevada offgrid village #67056

    hi puppymomma yep small dogs and cats around here have to be watched very carefully my friend lost

    cats to he thinks owls and ive personally seen wolves which was very exciting but does reinforce

    the fact that it is very remote country.


    dunewalker my plan to combat the vermin is 2 fold im going to grow as much as i can in raised pots that they

    cannot climb into and i am going to start trapping much earlier to try and whack the population

    before it explodes young chickens are just going to have to stay in the pen more untill they are larger

    i normally let them free range 24/7 but this didnt work this year.

    in reply to: NE Nevada offgrid village #66893

    Sorry if my last post seemed defeatist it was not meant that way

    at all i was just trying to give a reality check to those who may

    not be ready and prepared.

    mark if you read this i got your email and ill have a good look at it

    today but i might have accidentaly deleted your reg.

    Mike i love the country it is hard but that is one of the things that

    appeals to me.An old local told me how many people come to the area

    to live cheaply off grid and that most only make it the first winter

    then they take off to warmer climes.

    ill tell you what kicked my but this summer was vermin, pack rats and mice

    destroyed my garden and small hawks ate my young chickens.

    in reply to: Help with Diesel Generator #66896

    not familure with that model but here are a couple of general ideas

    start and let it run without anything plugged in some generators wont

    spin up to voltage with a load on.

    some generators need to be flashed after long storage

    i dont think that is the case here but you could try conecting a

    drill and with a pull cord wrapped around the chuck.

    give it a yank with the drill switch depressed and watch the

    cord doesnt catch your hand.this is supposed to give enough charge to

    the generator to start it charging.

    there are other ways to do it do a search on the internet for them

    other general problems i have had are brushes,circuit breakers, bad sockets,


    like i said im not familure with that model.

    best of luck

    in reply to: Using capacitors instead of a battery #66869

    I cant watch the vid due to connection but i could probably offer

    some comment.

    capacitors are capeable of storing energy so it would be possible

    to do something on a small scale small led lights etc.

    large scale (house usage)i dont think they have the energy storage

    density that lead acids do.

    and on a large scale capacitors would be very dangerous they have little

    or no internal resistance unlike a battery so they can dump there entire

    charge in an instant.

    most of us have dropped something metal across the terminals of a lead acid

    battery to be rewared with huge sparking and a big fright.

    a similar accident on a large capacitor bank would probably literaly

    vaporise a large tool and or explode.

    in reply to: NE Nevada offgrid village #66867


    not sure if this will bump but ill give it a go

    still here still wanting to build a village but this is hard country

    and i have seen many many abandoned homesteads and know of a couple personally

    that have left the area.

    this is hard country but also beautifull and free

    if there is anyone still interested in the area let me know

    in reply to: Off Grid Diesel Generators suggestions #66692

    Im sure there are others around similar but i have been very happy with

    kohler engines with different geneator heads.

    some of the peripherals like the start box may not last but a new engine

    with little load should last 10s of thousands of hours if its maintained.

    cheap on diesol seems to vary between 2.5 to 10 gallons per day depending on

    the load thats running 24/7.

    I do like the listers very much so but if economy is important you may want to look at something different for my usage i would choose a lister or listeroid

    simply because i love to fix stuff and a lister is worth fixing

    in reply to: #66253

    well hi still kicking here but its been quiet mostly just scavenging for used building materials

    in reply to: Off-grid and illness #66224

    sorry to hear that youve been unwell Elnav but you make a good point why community is the best way to go when going off grid personally i have not been sick since going off grid at all but it could for sure happen and then i am

    SOOL and i have been injured where cutting enough wood to keep warm is a problem.

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