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    I am looking for information on how to build my own wood cook stove that is equivalent to the manufactured ones. From what I understand a guy named Rumford made the most efficient design for wood cooks stoves in europe in the 1500’s. He used insulation and thermal mass properly. He only produced heat as needed somehow. I want some diagrams for this. I’d like some documentation explaining energy efficiency concepts in reguards to this sole pupose as well. What are the various compartments and features in wood cook stoves? Maybe there are some I have not heard of.

    Also, is there a cheaper source than for a wood cooks stove? I think they have models imported from europe for around $8000. I can do a lot of welding for 8 grand.

    For your information Rumford did a lot of research about BTU’s of heat various species of wood produced when burnt. Also a 1970’s book called “Producing your own power” has a table with this kind of info about wood burning.


    We had a thread on this subject not too long ago. Ther is a sweedish cook stove that was touted as being so great until someone did an efficiiency study and the manufacturer conceded they did have an issue.

    The fact is old time stoves from several centuries ago were heating appliances that were also used for cooking. Many of these were built in northern Europe where heating was almost a year round necesity. Unfortunately we now have a very different perspective on heating and energy use. Personally I am inclined to think in terms of hydronically based wood heating plus some thermal mass if passive solar is an option. For cooking Look at a rocket stove using brick mass and an oven pocket or wood gasification stoves. Heating up the kitcheen in summer does not make sense. Its uncomfortable. Many electrical cooking appliances are now so efficient they can readily be powered from inverters. They do not heat up the whole house.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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