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    My sister recently purchased 10 acres of rural, undeveloped land in West Texas.

    We plan to have a well drilled on the property as a first step before anything else and carve out an off-the-grid life.

    I’ve found a lot of information on the subject already but would love to hear what other folks may have experienced and would welcome any advice or recommendations.

    My current general plan is to:

    – find a reputable local drilling company, know any you’d recommend?

    – have solar powered submersible pump along with hand pump

    – use gravity fed water distribution via a raised large capacity tank (rain water/grey water collection would also be part of the whole system)

    I’ve read that we should expect to pay around 4500-5000 to get a well drilled, assuming no complications.


    I looked into a water-pumping windmill for the well, but settled on a electrical power pump (powered by solar and/or wind turbine) along with a manual hand pump.

    So, any opinions, insights or particular information on similar West Texas water wells would be appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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