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    Table talk in Umbria on water conservation from the roof, we are being told causes calcification of the irrigation tubes and blockage of the pores. Has anyone else met this and if so how do you combat it? It is supposedly the guano on the roof that causes the calcification. Someone suggested 2 eels in the tanks takes care of everything! Any comments?



    Sounds a bit weird! Guano I think (from birds at least) should be a bit acidic if anything. Maybe ths could dissolve calcium from the roof (if you had a concrete roof tiles or other roof covering rich in calcium) which would then end up in the tank. Warming of this water might cause some precipitation of calcium carbonate but I would be very surprised if it were substantial. Could pore blockage be an accumulation of dust rather than calcification?

    As for the eels! I have no idea why they would help. Maybe a little respiatory CO2 would keep the pH down… Small fish in relatively open tanks can be a good idea to keep mosquito larvae in check. I’d think a couple of goldfish would do the trick though.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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