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    desert deb

    Too true alrod, but i must say the last year an a half setting up this mobile has been a joy. I have really enjoyed it. Did i see where you were from the midwest or am i confusing you with someone else. Im from there, its a different world than the desert. Big learning curve. Last years winter was a nightmare with frozen pipes ect. But this years barely happened and only lasted the month of december. That is why i have been working on this filtration system, i think water could be a problem this year. No winter rains combined with a slow monsoon could result in shortages. If i can make it do double duty i dont use as much and we dont have to haul in as much. Getting ready to set up solar and batteries but will work on that after i transfer from the rv. Oh i keep forgetting, i wanted to mention that the small 400 watt inverter i came out here with has a jack in it that will charge my computer or cell phone this helps a great deal, i dont need to run as much generator to charge things like that up. the small solar panel on the rv refills the battery use and i spend less for gas and still can use the electronics.


    Sorry folks, I’m new here. We bought land in a remote area of Wyoming and just punched a well. We hit water at 220 feet and we are now trying to decide between a solar pump or windmill. Anyone out there with some experience?

    desert deb

    I say solar. Its tried and true in all weather conditions.


    Wow! well water at 220 feet. If solar falls short due to cloudy weather you better have a back-up. Our uncle Gary had 350 feet to water. His solution was a ground level cistern that got refilled every few days unless he used the hot tub and jacuzzi. The problem being a solar pump claims to pull water from that depth but only when the battery is under full charge. At night or when battery gets lower the pump pulls a lot of current and flow drops way off. Uncle Gary ran the pump from a 230V generator to pump the cistern full. Then a low flow 12V water pump like you have in an RV is adequate to maintain flow to the taps.

    This is a system that is very common around here where good safe water is seldom found at less than 300 feet.


    wyo unplugged- im in victor/jxn my well is 250- you will need 240 via a transformer to run the pump. it works well(no pun intended) but I’m going to add a cistern for storage that i can use with 120. I’m also going to add a manual switch to over ride my pressure switch so i can top off my pressure tank when i want not when the pressure falls. i.e it nice and sunny batteries are getting 15 amps i can top off pressure tank instead of waiting until i consume the water more likely at nite which would require all battery power. i have a single bank of 4 l16’s and thinking of adding 4 more batteries. if I’m bellow 26 v the start up surge (capacitor in pump switch/capacitor in 240 transformer/and well pump get real close to low battery fault). being in larime you have the wind so depending on dollars a wind with solar would be good. but i wouldn’t go with just one or the other. a temp solution is a power gen set to run trough a transfer switch or directly to inverter for pumping water when batteries are low. but in the long run i wouldn’t want to depend on gas/diesel/ or propane. however diesel you can run on veg oil ect.

    how much water do you expect to need daily?

    also look into the groundfos eq well pump. its an on demand style pump that will go that deep at 120. only uses a 2 gal pressure tank so its hard to figure the constant cycling at 120v verse the surge of 240v. but defiantly go with cistern. and probably bury below 4 ft for freeze protection.

    my 2 cents.

    would have been nice to have wind gen last week. winds where sustained at 40 .

    with the wind in larime you’ll also have the potential of a wind generator shutting down often cause of the high gust’s. i would consider something more industrial then and air x


Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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