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    As we dump our “stuff” and prep to move, I keep staring at my Hitachi Cinema Series 52″ TV.

    There are models around that use a LOT less juice for the same job now…but…

    I wonder how much is takes to produce a new LCD TV?

    Would it be as much as the extra fuel the EU2000 will burn to run the present TV while we do our weekly laundry?

    Also, to omit the generator from our system totally would demand a significantly larger battery bank, more panels and a much larger inverter.

    Financially, I am leaning towards a smaller solar system now and just running the genny on laundry/movie night. Any thoughts on this?

    (I have run this unit doing this exact task, including my cousins breathing machine for 9 hours on about a gallon of fuel)

    Is there a formula for figuring this stuff out?



    Well you may want to consider wood gas for powering your generator.



    a small generator and a little bit of fuel now and again will save a huge amount in alternate energy gear.

    yep can use woodgas,methane,ethanol or biodiesol and not be cast into the pit

    of hell to suffer eternal torment by the off-grid gods LOL

    a good steam engine which made good use of the waste heat (heating greeenhouse etc)is also another option for a cold enviroment.



    Well I hear that steam engines for power production is not nearly as efficient as just making wood gas from the same wood that would otherwise produce the steam. But I have not researched this myself. is a good site for ethanol. He recommends some good books. One was titled “Alcohol can be a gas” I think and has 600 pages.



    no steam engines are not very efficient but and here is the exception if there is a good use for all that waste heat its a totally different story

    i love the wood gas idea in that i could modify my vehical and drive across country with wood chips but from what i have read even with scrubbers it can be very hard on a engine requiring regular rebuilds to remove carbon buildup.

    methane is a much cleaner gas to run a internal combustion engine of.



    There IS a way steam would be very viable and with a couple of nackers and their torches and welders, possibly very cheap too!

    Mirror fed solar steam.

    In the high desert, this could work, no?

    (Still working on my peat moss flannel shirts and rabbit poo anti-depressants!!)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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