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    does anyone know a rough estimate of cost to go off the grid? i understand that many things contribute to cost but im looking at minimum, im building a small cabin meant for one person but two could live comfortably. im not trying to have all sorts of luxuries but light and just basic ammentities. i know how to build an ozone generator for purifying water, im more interested in generating and storing electricity. i was thinking solar panels or a wind turbine hooked up to a car batterey bank? i havent had much oppurtunity to experiment with off grid technology in wisconsin (where i plan to go otg) but i have lived off the grid for 8 months in the desert, im not new to this, its just a different enviroment.


    The best advice I have, as I have asked this question before is unfortunately more questions:

    Ask yourself the following

    How much land do you need and the cost of that?

    How much will the cabin cost to build ? Research and get a rough estimation.

    research solar and wind plus all the bells and whistles needed to operate/store the electricity.

    Then look at average cost of propane and other fuel you may need.

    Get a rough estimate on everything and add 20% and you will have a good idea of the figure you are looking for.


    what are basic ammenities in you eyes? i lived with a 15watt pannel, 4 old/used/abandoned car batteries, 1 750 inverter (100 bucks). lights, music, charge your phone. heads up makita rechargeable tools are best for non sine wave power, dewalt will die.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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