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    Hi everyone,

    I am planning to go off the grid here in Canada in 1-2 years. Is it possible to buy land at cheap prices in Canada? Are there any special rules/regulation that makes harder to live off the grid in Canada? I’ve read Alexander Lamar blog and saw a few of his videos but it seems that land in Canada is far more expensive than US.

    I am handy and I can build lots of things myself (except welding, a skill that I may learn someday).

    I have been travelling and living in my van for 6 months in Australia and volunteered for a week for a guy that was living off the grid. I enjoyed a lot those experiences and I can’t wait to go off the grid myself.

    Is there a “search” field in this forum?It would be useful to search between topics for information.

    Thanks in advance for your replies!



    I don’t know the ins and outs of living in Canada, off grid or otherwise, I know there are some Canadian off gridders here, hopefully one of them can give you some advice on that.

    I can help with the forum search, there isn’t an official way to search the forums, but there is a workaround for it, a way to use Google to search only the forums here, for now this is the best method, just copy and paste the following search phrase into Google or most any other search engine, be sure to copy and paste the entire phrase:

    once you have that, then put in a space and type in whatever you are searching for, for example, if I wanted to find windmill, I would use this phrase: windmill

    if you would prefer having a direct link, then click on this:

    this will take you to Google (I shortened the URL, it was L-O-N-G!), just put in a space after …forum/ in the search box and type in the search word, words or phrase.



    Thank you Wretha for the suggestion!

    I will certainly use the search on the forum through google.

    Hopefully other users will reply to me about living off the grid in Canada.




    I live in Canada and the communities in this area have many off-grid residents. due to health problems we had to move closer to a village with a clinic or hospital. We are living in the mountains a few hundred kilometers from Price Rupert in BC. Land may not be dirt cheap but the soil is good so a vegetable garden is very likely to be sucessful with not much effort.

    One of the biggest challenges is the short daylight period in winter and in most places the extreme cold. -35F is not that unusual although it doesn’t last long each cold spell. Few people worry about air conditioning although down south near places like Toronto and Montreal some people think they need it. I lived for 25 years just north of Toronto and the hot period only last a couple of weeks. I designed ducts for air conditioning but never bothered to install it in the house I built.

    Where I live now there is a mountain just south of us that shades us in winter making solar nearly impossible. Not to mention which Last january we had continuous cloud cover for 30 days. Alternative power for lights is essential as is wood heat.

    My wife grew up on an off-grid homestead and they always used a generator in winter for power. The place is still off-grid.


    There is the Land Project in Canada (BC and ON) . I live in the GTA Ontario and I am looking to do the same as you. Let me know if you decide to join them or perhaps we can form a group in this community.


    While attending a music festival yesterday I got talking to someone who just moved here from Alberta. He told me he bought a farm at a third the value same size farm in AB sold for. The farm was already off-grid. This is not unusual. Estimates vary but it is guesstimated 1/3 of the population in the region is off grid. These are normal folks living normal lives in conventional homes doing conventional jobs. Only thing is they live beyond the grid.


    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for the replies!

    @ Elnav: I am originally from Italy and we have long and hot summers there and I never had air conditioning in my house. And I am still alive :)! Thank you for the information about pricing of land and houses too. I am living in Alberta right now and I notice people saying things are more expensive here compared to other provinces (I have never been to any other area except Vancouver for a few days).

    I like the idea of living close to the mountains and not too far from a little town or community. The only thing I am “scared” of is the lack of sun/light. Is there wind instead where you live?

    @ Gabriel: I joined “thelandproject” subscribing for the newsletter but I still have to read in details how the whole thing is going to develop. I am very curious about their project in BC. We can definitely keep in contact, you can message me through my website (click my username then contact).


    Wind is always problematic. It is too variable because the mountains tend to deflect prevailing winds. This is why off-shore wind turbine farms are popular and on land turbines tend to be located on ridges where land shape tends to affect local winds. Conditions can vary between locations close together. I know several people who insist South town near here has frequent winds although my own location is sheltered and thus do not see much wind.

    The mountains often have a stream that is not fish habitat and thus open to hydro-electric development. In addition there is a local dealer who specializes in wood gas generation equipment. This is especially suited to a CHP installation. There are a couple of wind turbines around.

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