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    Nick Rosen

    I have 54 acres in rural Utah. The property is totally surrounded by Forest Service. I am looking for someone or maybe a few people who want to live and work off grid. I would like to find skilled persons who can work with the materials already on the property including stone, and timber (pine). The property has a few dwellings however none of them are suitable to live in at the moment. I have some money to invest into making a true off grid paradise but I lack the time and skills to make it happen. There is a year round stream that runs through the property but it needs a water system developed for drinking and irrigation. The property is at 7300’ so the growing season is relatively short and I would like to extend that with a green house. There is Elk, Deer, Turkeys, and Bears on and nearby the property. There is also 80 fishable small lakes and ponds nearby in the forest.

    I need to build a house of some sort (preferably out of stone or timber) including septic, water, and power. We also need a barn and a garden. I have lots of machines necessary to accomplish this and will buy whatever we need that we don’t have. There is an abundance of biomass on the property so I am thinking that perhaps a gasifier with maybe a small hydro system to supplement it for power.

    If this is something you would be interested in then I can provide modest housing, an old truck to drive and a little money each week. Or if you are interested in getting an off grid place for yourself I can sell you 6 acres and finance it at a reasonable rate and/or trade for labor etc. This would be a good opportunity for someone that is really committed to move off the grid as you will have access to all the tractors and equipment for your own off grid projects. Ultimately my goal is to have 5-10 families living off grid on the property but I feel we need to at least have the basics like running water first.

    Here is a link to some pics of the property There is a small town 9 miles away on a well groomed dirt road. The property is accessible year round unless there is a massive snowstorm then you might be stuck for a few days until the plow comes. If you are interested please contact me at


    big jj sounds great. wish i wasn’t already doing it here in idaho/wyoming. i love the browns park area and could be convinced to go down and help on a project if time permits. i usually have 2months april/may and oct/nov when i can be flexible.

    cheers g


    I live in Utah near Vernal. I have an off grid homestead and use solar and wind power. I design and build off grid cabins and do the power installations.

    Maybe we can work a deal for an acre or two of land.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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